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Angry Birds Screenshots (Android)

User Screenshots

Android version

Loading screen
Title screen
Stage select
Destroy glass obstacles with the blue bird
Level cleared
Golden egg levels (unlockables)
When paused, the game advertises other games in Angry Birds series
One of golden egg challenges
More optional advertising in the menu
This level is an add for "Angry Birds Rio"
Piggies playground
Cowboy-themed level
Pigs are miners now?
Well, yes
Birdday party
Birdday party stage select
Someone's birdday is clearly ruined...
Smash those birdday pigs!
Update 2.1.0 brings a new episode - Surf and Turf
Surf and Turf gameplay
Version 2.2 brings new aspect to the game - monetization. You can now buy upgrades to make your game easier.
One of upgrades tutorial: sling scope
You can get upgrades in combo packs
Activated earthquake
Activated the enhanced sling - it makes any bird bigger
And there's also a legal cheat - the Mighty Eagle
One of the Egg Defender levels from the chapter "Red's Mighty Feathers". Try and smash incoming Pig vehicles to pieces before they make away with eggs.
Version 5.0 introduced on the game's 5th birthday brings levels built by sketches sent in by the players
Each new level in the update features the player's original drawing
...and Rovio's interpretation of that drawing