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Clicking on the chuzzles make for some interesting moments.
  • If you rapidly left click on a regular chuzzle, the chuzzle will sneeze, and lose all it's hair (it grows back). Rapidly clicking on a fat chuzzle (2x2), will cause it to belch loudly.
  • Also, if you grab a chuzzle and shake the row (or column) back and forth rapidly, you cause the chuzzles to become extremely dizzy.
  • Hover the mouse over a chuzzle and stay there. After a while, the chuzzle will look angry toward you. And a bit later, the chuzzle will shake itself and throw the mouse cursor away from it.
  • By design, rows with fat chuzzles can't be moved beyond the playfield borders. But if you try, the fat chuzzle will be hurt and see stars.
  • And finally, if you do nothing for a while, the chuzzles get tired and fall asleep and you see a lot of Zzzz there. (Note: unlike with the hovering, which is a matter of seconds, this here will take many minutes before the first chuzzle will fall asleep.)
Information also contributed by Xoleras

Contributed by Chris Martin (1204) on Jun 19, 2005. [revised by : Patrick Bregger (230052)]. -- edit trivia