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Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Screenshots (Android)

User Screenshots

Android version

Title and starting screen
A lot of content still needs to be downloaded after the initial installation.
Main menu with most of the options
The airship in the introduction sequence
The knights encounter the girl in the crystal.
Approaching the temple guarded by soldiers.
Items gained after winning a battle.
The knights have acquired a character.
Character details
Chain attacks in a battle against a mantis
Battle results and character progress
Total battle results
You can take characters into battle and then send a request to befriend the owner.
Boss battle
A shop in the town of Mitra
The knights are in a different dimension now, used to access special quests.
The map of a town
Running through a town, the blue element shows where you tapped.
A quest
Temporary offers
in-app purchases for Lapis
Materials you can sell.
Upgrading a character.
Details about a weapon you can craft.
A fight with three party members
The game map with different locations
Creatures encountered so far