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Geometry Craft: Episode I (Android)

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Written by  :  Gene Parker (13)
Written on  :  Apr 06, 2019
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Complete clone!

The Good

There are no redeeming qualities for this game, even the fact that it’s a GD clone doesn’t mean it is a good clone. There is rarely any music and even when there is it’s never synced.

The Bad

The controls themselves are some of the worst for an Android game. You need to tap to move. To MOVE. That’s a big deal in a multi level game that prides itself on being a complete clone of two of the most successful games of all time.

The character selection is just a collection of oversized heads of sprites from Minecraft, which gets old after two minutes of taping to move to the first obstacle.

The Bottom Line

All in all this game is more of a joke than anything else. It might give you a cheap laugh at first but will soon turn old and boring even for the most optimistic gamer. I strongly insist that you DON’T download this game and clog up your phone's memory.