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Hellgate: London FPS Screenshots (Android)

User Screenshots

Android version

Title and login screen
The game's main hub
Main mission selection screen
A brief overview before starting a new mission.
Targeting two creatures.
What is left of the opponents after using the Shock Wave skill.
There are power-ups in the environment, for instance here freezing an enemy.
In-app purchases for packs
In-app purchases for gems, the premium currency
Daily missions
These imps attack in groups.
Head shots are rewarded.
Weapon selection and upgrade screen
Mission progress for the first area
There are short animated cut-scenes.
Shoot the barrels to take out the entire group.
In this mission you need to destroy a portal.
A new weapon provided as a reward after completing an event.
Mission results
Level up
The Hellrift Area challenges
Unlock and upgrade skills.
The walls hold back the enemies.
There are often brief mission updates.
Shoot the bomb to cause an explosion.
Mission failed.

Official Screenshots

  • Hellgate: London FPS Screenshot
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  • Hellgate: London FPS Screenshot
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