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JumpStart Pet Rescue Credits


ProducersLinda Maier, Suman Majety
Mobile ManagerGary Mahan
Executive ProducerLori Berget

Art Team

Lead ArtistMegumi Itō
2D ArtistJulianne Eckert, Amy Shimoshige, Lance Thatcher
3D ArtistLevi Werner, Chris Marsh, Ryan Batcheller
3D AnimatorsTim Jones, Seth Reek, Kevin Spangler
Level DesignerZach Schaffer
Art CoordinatorAndy Underwood
Creative DirectorChris Williams


Lead ProgrammersChetan Redkar, Thomas Su
ProgrammersAnur Puniyani, Arunkumar R, Muralidhara R
Technical Developer ManagerBill Fischer
Technical DeveloperSrilakshmi Malla, Chris Yoshimura, Tushar Sankhala

QA Team - QA Testers

Senior QA EngineerBasheer P.
QA EngineerTasmita Battula, Mahammad Siddique SK


AudioChristian Johnson
Theme songs and additional sound design byDave Rees
Additional Music byDavid Luis Ortega, Tom Zehnder, Steve Kutay, Joel Gould, Bruce Zimmerman, FirstCom
VO Recording and EditingPCB Productions

Special Thanks

Special ThanksJim Czulewicz, Shannon Johnson, Gary Mahan, Michael Domaguing, Justin Prate

Kid Testers

Special Thanks toAxen Research and to the boys and girls who played and learned and gave us valuable feedback!

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (231224)