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Kavinsky Credits

Kavinsky the game

Art DirectionStudio Gustave, Aurélien Marrel, Florian Marrel
ArtworksStudio Gustave, Aurélien Marrel, Florian Marrel
Character Design TeamStudio Gustave, Aurélien Marrel, Florian Marrel
Level Design TeamStudio Gustave, Aurélien Marrel, Florian Marrel
Game Design TeamVisionaries 777, Frantz Lasorne, Nicolas Guyon, Sunny Chow, Derek Lam
Game Development TeamVisionaries 777, Frantz Lasorne, Nicolas Guyon, Sunny Chow, Derek Lam
3D ArtistThomas Varoux
Music byKavinsky, Vincent Pierre Claude Belorgey, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
Thanks toF5 Agency

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