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Lara Croft GO Screenshots (Android)

User Screenshots

Android version

Title screen
Costumes are unlocked by getting collectibles
The map of the first chapter
Selecting a level. Also you can see whether you've got all collectibles in the level
Lara starts the game
In-game screenshot feature
You can step only once on cracked spots
Got a key
Shooting a snake
Find the right pattern
Jumping across the stream
Collected a part of snake statue
Looking at the path down below
Using the spear to dispose of the snake from a distance
These lizards will follow you wherever you go, so you'll need to think of creative ways to kill them
Giant snake appears!
Versus a spider on a vertical plane
Manipulating the platform to cut those snakes with the buzz-saw
You need to maneuver carefully to not get caught by the spiders and avoid being pushed off the ledge
Pushing a pillar
If you get stuck you can use help to walkthrough you through a level
The boulder is going to crush those snakes. All of them, hopefully
The graphics are low key, but waterfall still looks cool
You can buy costumes from other games by Square Enix
All wildlife is afraid of fire. So having a torch is essential for many puzzles
The lizard behind me just got pierced by spears from the trap
Manipulating platforms to get the spiders out of the way
There's only one possible pattern to get through here
You actually get to fight the snake queen
Even though the game is turn-based, you really get the feeling of alive world with menacing obstacles
Bonus chapter: cave of fire
Cave of fire - new adventure
Cave of fire layout
Going down into the cave of fire
Cave of fire: now enemies cannot be killed with weapons, they can be merely stopped for 4 turns
Cave of fire: this chapter's collectible relic
Cave of fire: the puzzles in this bonus chapter are more intricate than in the base game
Cave of fire: so many ways to fail...
Cave of fire: a rather challenging puzzle
Cave of fire: so many pressure plates
Cave of fire: the final meters
Cave of fire: collected the shard of life
Midas costume is the hardest to obtain. Remember that scene with King Midas' stature in the first Tomb Raider?