Advertising Blurbs

Google Play description:
    Introducing the Android port for Mystery Mansion, an interactive fiction game or text adventure game in the style of Colossal Cave. It is a highly playable game - extremely well designed. Players remember the intricate puzzles and keep notes on them for years after playing.
    The elements of Mystery Mansion are based on the facts, fictions and fantasies of the past, present and future. The scenario was designed to challenge the daring and yet, entertain the curious. Escape for a few moments and experience frustration and triumph, hope and despair power, lust and greed. Using what you know, what you can find out and what works; tell the phone/tablet what you want or think you should do.

    Mystery Mansion was probably originally developed by Bill Wolpert in Fortran IV.

    + SD Card install.
    + Text to Speech support.
    + Voice support.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22285) on Feb 24, 2014.