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Photographs Screenshots (Android)

User Screenshots

Android version

We jump straight into the game here, and the very first puzzle of the Alchemist story has a hint as to what you ought to do.
After you solve it, still pictures in a beautiful pixel art help narrator to tell the story.
After a section of the diorama has popped in, you are prompted to start some pixel hunting. Tap your screen, please...
And start looking for what the game is asking of you, until it locks the target and takes a photo. Do compare this mechanic with the PC version and see a ton of details omitted on Android
As the story progresses, the diorama slowly gets filled up.
And when something bad is about to happen, or just occurred, every puzzle changes its colouring scheme.
Puzzles grow more complicated, like these bushes that can't be stepped onto more than once, turning into the walls afterwards.
Hint mode on. Question mark forces the game to make first several correct moves, and the >> sign just completes the level instantly.
I've just activated the hint mode.
The most difficult level in the first chapter. Also note the mud piles stopping the character in the middle of the movement and director's commentary mode on.
Something really grim is about to happen...
After a story is complete, its protagonist gets beamed into a strange room with a huge mirror. We now need to focus on Jane the Athlete to start the next chapter.
Jane's puzzles mostly deal with physics. Make the ball hit the pool after it touches her icon.
The puzzles in the second chapter quickly become tougher and tougher.
Each successful solution gets us some score.
And the diving facility gets more and more advanced and crowded.
Appearance of a bouncing pad mechanic.
Some of these levels are downright trippy.
The Jailer puzzle. Fill up the empty space with the given pieces.
Then the food will grow and everyone will be happy.
Or will they?
Natives now work, and settlers now eat.
Bustling colony.
The Journalist story. Connect those dots, please.
As you go connecting them dots, building the good vibes, do not forget to patch those bad feelings around.
Avoid nasty erasers.
That white blob will give your character a respite.
Booming newspaper business.
One of the toughest levels. Now you're destroying the good vibes with your articles.
One of the few clues that every story happens with the same world.
Start of the Preventer puzzle. It's three-to-one classic.
Last minute save.
Water + Plant = Growth
Puzzles here quickly get more complicated.
And damned teleport more hurts than helps.
Insides of the Preventers Tower. Calm before a storm.