Six-Guns Screenshots (Android)

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Android version

Title screen
This is pretty much all story there is
The game starts with having to save this lady
Hand-to-hand combat with a group of bandits
Mission completed
Mission briefing
Out riding, yellow markings show the way
Level up
The shop
Earning an achievement
A picturesque western town
Red markings shows locations of quests
Taking cover
Our hero takes a smoke after a completed mission
Short cinematic intros are common before missions
Shooting through aim mode
Map of Arizona
This man has been snake bitten
Shooting at a snake
Mini game for unlocking chests
Outside some old ruins
Night walkers, the most common enemy in the game
I'm out of health, but can still choose to buy some healing and keep playing
Failing a mission, note that you can pay to auto-complete it
Nice moon
Some target shooting, but what is that thing?
Fighting a flying witch
And here's a gargoyle
Going to Oregon
Nice view
A bridge
A lake
A typical western town
Entering a saloon
Many NPC riders are travelling the roads
Found some loot
Weapons can be upgraded
Oh no, I was killed by a bear
I'm low on health and the game is quick to sell me a health pack
Rescuing the princess
"I just want a hug!", he screamed
That mask won't offer much protection from a shotgun
Horse race
Horse back shooting practice