Slots Tycoon Credits (Android)

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Slots Tycoon Credits

Zipline Games

Game DevelopmentJonathan Winkler, Eric Edelman, Adam Villalobos, Christian Klepac, William Rodriguez, Kyle Shurtleff, Trevor Ransom
ArtistsHillary Esdaile, Nate Taylor, Steven Rynders, Matthew Lucas
Executive ProducerMike Arcuri
Associate ProducerAndy Keener
Moai SDK DevelopmentPatrick Meehan, Adam Villalobos, Eric Edelman
Moai Cloud DevelopmentRob LaRubbio, Ezra Nuite
Original Music and ArrangementJonathan Winkler

Music Credits

The Graf ZeppelinCarl Teike
The EntertainerScott Joplin
Kaua I Ka HuahuaiPrince Leleiohoku
The Carnival of VeniceNiccolo Paganini
Menuet BWV Anh. 115 in G MinorJohann Sebastian Bach

Zipline Games

Zipline Games ManagementTodd Hooper, Patrick Meehan, Mike Arcuri, Rob LaRubbio
Special ThanksShari Elsoe, Jason Gholston, Sean B. House

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (209431)