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atari gravitar
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Written by  :  Kayburt (15827)
Written on  :  Jun 13, 2022
Platform  :  Android
Rating  :  2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars

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You Lose Some and You Lose More

The Good

Graphics galore. There's a variety of scenery, features, objects, colourful characters and lots of cool stuff you can buy. And boy, that catchy music and ambience. You could almost get the feel of being on a real cruise ship and in a real casino . That being said, the game is really good only skin deep.

The Bad

So many bad things abundant in the game, where to start. Well, when you start this game, you're suckered into thinking how easy it is by the tutorial's smooth teaching. After that you're completely on your own. As you level up, there's additional gimmicks to ruin your day like iced cards, mahjong solitaire styled piles and worst of all, the bombs that blow your game away. And those cards you get in the odds stacked against you, you're going to hate those cards. Cards randomly determined are not realistic and all the laws of probability are broken. I swear I've seen at least three Jacks of Hearts in a single game which isn't possible in a game with 104 cards (2 packs). Every attempt to win the game is going to cost you more and more. You could ask yourself throughout the game "Do I feel lucky?". This frustration of unfairness is enough to make you shake the cellphone. To add mockery to misery, you get a pitiful consolation prize if you give up because you needed just a little more money to get the winning edge. Sure there's ways to get more money, but you got to pay for it with real money. Don't you just wish the rules of the game worked more like Crazy Eights than this Higher or Lower standard?

Is there anything free inside this game? Well you can get free bonuses, if the game decides you've earned. You can get extra money by watching dubious adverts. You can earn a little pocket money - ONE hour at a time. Sadly you're not really getting your money's worth.

And oh, the game engine. What a stinking muckheap it is. For the most part, you're going to get glitches that come in the form of graphics turning inky black. If that happens to the cards in the game, then you're playing an invisible card game without any chance of winning. Often the game will crash, especially if your Wi-Fi or Cellphone Data is on. Heaven forbid if that happens while you're making a transaction with real money. The sure way to avoid those problems to keep your internet connectivity off, as well as close and open the app lots of times all the while waiting for the long loading time.

The Bottom Line

We live in a day and time where only fabulous graphics mattered the most. As the saying goes "You can't judge a book (or a card) by its cover". Only great gameplay should count. There's no pleasure cruise to playing this one. I think between the masses of money you lose and the constant spam of useless cards, this game is self-aware, bears a big grudge against you and does not want to entertain you. After you have felt the pain of losing more than you're earning, you will wish for another chance. This broken game will only make you go for broke. If you don't value your time or have lots of money to throw away and burn, you have yourself a ready recipe for money munching and penny pinching. As for me, I'd rather sell my soul than be haunted by this title.

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