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Spirit Lords Credits

23 people


Project ManagerVincent Kudirka (uncredited)
Production ManagerJohn Che (uncredited)
Product ManagerLuc Pieron (uncredited)
Associate Product ManagerJesse Cherry (uncredited)
Art DirectorDmitri Ellingson (uncredited)
Art LeadJohn Che (uncredited)
Senior ArtistDavid McNeal (uncredited)
Senior AnimatorAlexander Manresa (uncredited)
Senior Technical ArtistPeter Hanshaw (uncredited)
2D Concept ArtistCullen Brown (uncredited)
Trailer Junior 3D AnimatorGiovanni Gasparetto (uncredited - at Goldtooth Creative)
Principal Game DesignerKenny Huang (uncredited)
Game DesignKathleen Cornelius (uncredited)
Audio DirectorGreg Rahn (uncredited)
Sound DesignerSophie Lu (uncredited)
Music ComposerSophie Lu (uncredited)
Principal Software EngineerSteven Chin (uncredited)
Senior Software EngineerRicardo Chavarria (uncredited)
Backend LeadSteven Chin (uncredited)
Backend Software EngineerJeffrey Bian (uncredited)
Sr. Director Business DevelopmentKris Davis (uncredited)
Director, Business DevelopmentDaniel Wiggins (uncredited)
Live Operations ManagerPeter Im (uncredited)
Regional Product Lead, Monetization: North AmericaThomas Baxter (uncredited)
QA ManagerMichael Lulham (uncredited)
Senior QA AnalystPaul Urbano (uncredited)

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