Symphony of Eternity Screenshots (Android)

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Android version

Title screen
Our trio of heroes
Main menu
Meanwhile our hero is out raiding in the woods
Combat against some wolfs - there are four basic actions as shown here
Choosing a skill
Finding a potion in a chest
Coming across this young girl who will come along for the journey
Moving out on the world map
A tiny little village
Item shop
Inside a dungeon
The in-game menu
Some of the monsters are just weird
Argh! indeed
Stats, can't do an RPG without them
Here we distribute our merit points
Critical hit!
It's a volcano, that's why
Eh, flying sharks?
Burnin' for you
Flowers and bees
Zoomed out world map
Lady Safario, the traitor
With the ship we can travel to other islands
Combat against the undead
No, we are just trapped between two gates
At certain times we get to control some other characters
A friend has dies, but let's celebrate anyway
Meeting with a dwarf
So many colors!
Surprise! A tank
Now we have travelled beneath the sea
The inferno can do some massive damage
Fighting an octopus
Not a good time to fall asleep...