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Tap Sports Football Credits (Android)

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Tap Sports Football Credits


Photo CreditPlayer images copyright 2010 Associated Press
Created withUnity 4.5.6 p4
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Tap Sports Football TeamPo-Ming Chu, Jerome Collin, Alex Hagelis, Ryan Henze, Michael Hulme, Ivan Kwan, Israel McCarroll, Scott McCready, Moises Munoz, David Rodrigues, Michael Saperstein, Corey St. Pierre, Gautam Sriram, Alexander Stepanov, Andre Taube, Dacotah Turner, Stephen Yambao
Android TeamSrikanth Basappa, Jack Beacom, Vanessa Blokland, Ryan Cho, Lori Cox, Martin Edelman, Kyle Grymonprez, Charles Lam, Slava Lopata, Jasen Moloy, Swaroop Rayudu, Austin Storms, Alex Tran, Andrew Tully, Heather Winter, Jared Zondler
Special ThanksChris Akhavan, Li├ín Amaris, Junior Arce, Jeff Clinton, Daniel Clukey, Niccolo De Masi, Eric Gross, Viktor Hernandez, Chris Hosking, Jonathan Layton, Christian Limon, Eric Ludwig, Ryan McDonald, Steve Mortara, Claudia Oropeza, John Parides, Lonnie Ray, Sarah Romoslawski, Clancy Ryan, Steven Scebelo, Joshua Sell, Amanda Shank, M. Andrea Soria, Katerina Theofila, Spencer Tucker, Gabriel Turk

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (229535)