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Angleball is a variation on Pool, using a hexagonal table with 6 pockets and 6 sides. The ball can rebound off these at unusual angles, making the outcomes of shots harder to predict. The basic objective is to pot all the balls, while failing to pot a ball in 3 shots will lose you the frame unless your opponent also fails to do this.

The game can be played by one or two players, with the one-player game consisting of a sequence of 20 different table layouts, each requiring its own style to win. Two-player games can take place on any of these layouts or one of your own design using the inbult table editor. Shot direction, speed and spin can be set on a general level.

Contributed by Martin Smith (66856) on Dec 21, 2005.

Angleball is a game that simulates the traditional game of pool, but with a twist because the pool table is hexagonal! Although the table is always hexagonal, the game has over twenty different table layouts. Another difference is that there are seven balls on the table instead of the traditional fifteen.

When played against the computer you set the difficulty level by selecting one of the three available levels of difficulty. You can control different shot settings as the strength, position and the spin of your shot. It is even possible to design your own table layout as the game contains a table editor.

The game can be played by one or two players.

Contributed by koffiepad (10528) on Nov 11, 2005.