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Angry Birds: Fight! is a match-three puzzle game set in the Angry Birds universe. The game uses many elements such as the battle mechanics, lay-out and PvP matches from developer Kiteretsu's earlier game Zookeeper Battle. Starting with Red as the captain of a ship, different characters such as Bomb, Chuck, Matilda, Mighty Eagle, Stella, Terrence and The Blues can be unlocked to join as crew and playable characters. The ship visits different islands with real-time battles against human players from around the world. By winning battles experience is gained to level up, earn a currency and acquire new items. An island is divided into different areas and to complete an area an AI-controlled Pig needs to be defeated.

The game uses a classic match-three board design for the battles with different panels (icons). Matches of three identical panels or more are created by swapping one horizontally or vertically. Each panel has a different kind of effect, providing attack power, adding to defense etc. Matches of four provide special effects such as sabotaging the other player by putting certain panels in cages that need to be tapped, removing entire rows or columns, re-arranging the panels into a favorable lay-out or removing all panels of a single type. A match of five triggers a short 'fever time' where all scores count for twice the amount. Each character has different types of skills for matches. Regular battles are played in real-time against other players worldwide who start with the same lay-out and usually the same time limit. The other player's progress is not visible while playing, but when time is up an animated sequence is shown where the winner is determined. Players need to create matches to build up attack and defense for that sequence. It is not necessarily the player with the most points who wins, as various items can be equipped that influence the statistics and abilities. As a competitive game matches can be created quickly in succession and combos are formed through the removed panels or by the new ones that fill up the board from the top. Players do not need to wait until a match is fully completed and through quick swipes it is for instance possible to perform three different matches in one second, even when the panels have not been completely re-arranged.

Characters have a global level used for matchmaking. Various items can be earned, bought or equipped to influence attack and defense power, as well as health. The ship has similar upgrades, based on the bow, the mask and the deck. Items often have a certain weight and the weight capacity improves with each new level. The in-game coins currency can be used to enhance items, improving their effect. Redundant items can be sold for coins. Each area requires multiple games to progress. Optionally a mission can be enabled with rewards for completing an additional objective. Players can choose between different characters once they are unlocked, each with their own items. Unused characters share in the experience earned by the active character. Another reward can be won by completing a challenge battle in each area, with up to three stars to earn based on the performance. Some battles turn into chance battles with higher rewards. After the initial levels Monster Pigs are introduced for the cooperative aspect of the game. These powerful pigs generally cannot be defeated in one go. They require multiple battles to drain their health, but players can optionally recruit other players to join in the battle and share the rewards. Special events are organized in a Bird Arena Event accessed by spending tickets.

The game is free-to-play with in-app purchases. These are mainly for gems used to fill the game's two stamina/energy meters: one for the ship and another for the individual battles. Gems can also be used to play a slot casino game with a treasure chest guarded by the Mighty Eagle for additional items. A small amount of gems can be earned in-game and the waiting times can be avoided with playing in short bursts. A character receives an attack boost if prior to starting a battle the player watches a promotional video.


Angry Birds: Fight! iPad Launching myself at the pig's ship
Angry Birds: Fight! Android A new attack item has been acquired.
Angry Birds: Fight! iPad You've found a new island
Angry Birds: Fight! Android Title screen. It shows it was co-developed by a Japanese studio.

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Angry Birds: Fight! Screenshot
Angry Birds: Fight! Screenshot
Angry Birds: Fight! Screenshot
Angry Birds: Fight! Screenshot


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GameZebo iPhone Jun 12, 2015 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars 60
App Spy iPhone Jun 12, 2015 3 out of 5 60
3D Juegos iPhone Jun 30, 2015 6 out of 10 60
Multiplayer.it iPhone Jun 29, 2015 5 out of 10 50
Touch Arcade iPhone Jun 23, 2015 2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars 40


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