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Another War Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Main menu
Game options
Setup character skills
Intro narrative
Intro cutscene
Truck enters village square
Talking with locals
Local Cafe Rene
Reviewing maps

Windows version

Main menu
Character selection
A long time ago, in a bar, far far away...
Intro shot; a truck blazes across the french country.
Intro shot; a close up of the protagonist and the truck driver.
The inventory. Not much in there right now, just some cash and whiskey... oh, and your lucky leather jacket
Stat screen, you'll drop by here each time you level up.
Run, he's got a knife!
Dr. Doolittle, I presume
Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world...
Some plot exposition. I was almost disappointed he wasn't called Victor Laszlo.
Nazis! I hate these guys!
This looks familiar.
Damn, I've been captured... and they took my jacket!
Your first task is to break out... different characters have different solutions to obstacles. The Strongman for example will bash the door down.
Beating up the guards. There are two combat modes; Diablo click-fest or what the game refers to as "Lazy mode", in which your character automatically attacks the closest enemy until he dies.
I've found Pierre, he's being tortured for info.
Actually it makes sense if you think about it...
Fighting multiple enemies... thankfully, like in most games and movies, these Nazis couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, unfortunately, neither can you.
Your first ally in the game is Johann. He's fat, a drunkard and a Nazi, and those are just his good points.
Dialogues like these are the norm in Another War. If you find them amusing, you should enjoy the game very much.
Rene, the barman at Cafe Annecy, is the local fence. His stock ranges from shotguns and bandages to potatoes and rubber duckies.
Guybrush would be proud.