Ant Attack Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Run from the ants!
Aahh, surrounded by ants!
Now can you escape safely?

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Game start
Approaching the gates
Head through the gap
Rotated the isometric view
The first love of your life... I think the authors had a crush... [retro gossip] (in fact she's just the first of ten victims to be saved, nothing more, but one wonders why all with the same sex?)
The Ant's fangs pierced the lover's ankle soaking it with a slobbering pestilent fluid making her bursting in a scream. When he turned is face over the only thing he was carrying was her hand.
First victim saved.
The player is being savagely torn apart and his limbs are only tighten by a slim wire of tendon... Not that I'm being sadistic or macabre.
- The other guy told me Escher was here...
- Pheww... what a show!
Now the girl's heart will be extracted with a rusty spoon. Retro Pre-Colombian ritual. Very fashionable.
- Hey, heeey! At least put that in the trash bin for Cryzzakez! Kids will be playing there tomorrow...!
When he found her she was pale as the moon with half her left arm missing. Her strength was diminished to a raucous moaning, but with a shine on her eyes...
The young couple was surrounded without any ammo left. The village was decimated, everyone's killed. They tighten their hands and promised their love to the skies... my love, my love...
I don't think this one needs subtitles...
Ancient Greek ruins.
- Why is the town so silent?
- What happened here... (twilight zone music score)
This game is so well done that I even can't properly make fun of it.
- So Swwweet! Sara and Willy will make many ©‎hildren!
- Surprise!
Look at this beauty! The Love cabin.
- Where can I buy cigarettes at this hour?
The guy just blew himself up to pieces spreading his bowels all over the floor and you call him silly?
This looks some sort of giant tool...
This looks like a mausoleum...
- With me! 1, 2, 2 an half, 2 and a quarter of half... Teeehr....
- Fooled ya!
Yahoo! (playing seek and hide)
- Honey... what are you doing embedded on the wall again? How many times do I...
Another perspective of the couple discussion. - ... have to tell you it's not safe to play "Beat me up"?
- It's "beam me up" you moron! And it was never said!
Looking for Escher - A terror triangular love story.

- Yuuhu! Escher baby, where are you?
The last exciting moments before completing the game.
Sit you lousy... (pause) (I would not consider these monsters as ants. Anyway, the player managed to paralyse one of the beasts and made a very creative sofa with its carcass)
To jump or not to jump...
- Believe in the force Willy. Believe it Bro.
There's my love, so fragile and powerless and helpless... and... hum!
We did it!
(Trina Toner song)