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Advertising Blurbs

Back of case - Commodore 64/Atari ST (UK):
    For many years, Wiz and his fantastic cat lived happily in brightly coloured Wizworld. All was not well however as a malevolent force has discovered this vista and intended to stamp out brilliance once and for all. The evil Zark and his horrible sprites have moved in to eliminate the spectrum and render all landscapes drab and grey. So jump in your transporter and with the help of your faithful servant Catelite restore Wizworld to its former glory. Collect icons for special effects as you manoeuvre to shake off the alien forces. Stunning graphics create the mood for a thrilling and compulsive game with hordes of hidden features and extra controls.

    Contributed by FatherJack (62733) on May 24, 2014.

Back of Case - Commodore 64 (UK):

    No.1 Hit! Chart Topper!

    "Miss this and you're missing the finest release of the year. Wizball is simply brilliant" ZZAP



    SU CLASSIC 10/10



    Contributed by FatherJack (62733) on May 24, 2014.

Crash! Magazine - Spectrum (UK):
    Become the Wizard and conquer the Colour Creatures; Stir the spell and zoom around the planets in your space transporter.

    Wizball..... A Fascinating new game, packed with stunning graphics and thrilling action.

    Contributed by Martin Smith (72405) on Oct 16, 2004.

From the back of the US box:
    For years, Wiz and his faithful feline friend Cat have lived in Wizworld, a land of color and light. But evil has come to irrevocably alter this idyllic life; the evil Zark and his horrible sprites have drained all the color from Wizworld. Only Wiz and Cat can save things by traveling the land in their weird and wonderful Wizballs to restore the missing color to Wizworld.

    • Outstanding graphics
    • Secret powers and controls that you have to discover as you play
    • The weird and wondrous Wizball
    • Danger, fun, logic and action combined in one challenging game

    Contributed by -Chris (7585) on Aug 09, 2002.