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atari kombinera

Apollo 18: The Moon Missions Credits

39 people


Developed byAIM Software Inc.
Produced byAllan Kuskowski
Designed byAllan Kuskowski
ProgrammingRicardo Barrera, Robert Bowlds
Additional ProgrammingAllan Kuskowski, Scott Sahlman, Kevin Bohn
2-D Art Ricardo Barrera, Allan Kuskowski
Digital Production Antron Productions
3-D Designer Anthony Mabin
3-D Artists Sam Spade, Jim Livolsi, Malibu Jim
ProductionJoe Callaghan, Tom Rozek, Kevin Bohn
Music composed byBob Vandiver
Music recorded atOrin du Chat Studios, Portland, Oregon
Sound Effects Production Lee Monahan
Sound Effects recorded at AIM Software Ltd., Las Vegas, Nevada
Voice Talent Jim Kocher, Mary Vandiver, Allan Kuskowski
Video Segment Producer Mary Vandiver
Director of Photography Tom Rozek
TelePrompTer (Houston, TX)Kevin Vinter, On Location
TelePrompTer (Hollywood, CA)Bobby Crandell, L. Greenberg Electronic Teleprompting
AVI Codec Motion Pixels, Scottsdale, Arizona
AVI Processing Steve Russel, Mike Smith
ActorsJim Kocher (Jim Waters), William Frederick Knight (General Knapp), Joan Marlowe (Dr. Hanson)
Production Personnel Joe Callaghan, John Williams
TestingAND Testing BV., Damon LeGeyt, Brian Procter, Dan Aguilar, Joe Callaghan

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Credits for this game were contributed by Dave C (1098)

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