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Nintendo 3DSHardcore Gamer Magazine (Nov 21, 2017)
By bringing Apollo Justice to 3DS, every main title in the Ace Attorney series is now readily available to fans looking to dive into court cases on the handheld. Upgraded audio and visuals make this more beautiful than ever, even trumping the work done on the original trilogy’s remake for 3DS. Fans of the series will be satisfied to know that the effort put into this remake is well worth picking it up again and players who haven’t been able to play this middle entry prior now have easy access to one of the early turning points in the series. Although it was a nine year wait, it’s more than satisfying to enjoy Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney once again looking as great as can be.
Nintendo DSTechnologyTell (Feb 25, 2008)
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is the best entry in the Ace Attorney series in years. It really draws the player into the game in a way the Phoenix Wright titles couldn’t. The stories contained are all intelligent and genuinely funny and the characters are all lovable. It is a phenomenal game, and I can see it being remembered as one of those classic DS titles that must be played.
Nintendo DSVgames (Mar 26, 2008)

אפולו ג'סטיס הוא משחק שלא מתאים לכל אחד. יש לו עלילה מצויינת, הומור משובח, דמויות צבעוניות ומשונות ואיכויות כתיבה מרשימות, אך מצד שני הוא ליניארי לחלוטין, ומרגיש לעיתים יותר כמו ספר דיגיטלי מאשר משחק. האם זה רע? לא בהכרח. מי שלא מפחד מהרבה טקסט וסיפורים מורכבים, ימצא את המשחק מהנה מאוד, ויפיק ממנו שעות (ספורות) של הנאה גדולה.

Nintendo 3DSNintendoWorldReport (Dec 05, 2017)
If you haven’t played this game since the original DS version launched back in 2007 or never experienced the game to begin with, this is the perfect opportunity to pick up an essential chapter in a beloved franchise. If you’ve never played any Ace Attorney games before at all, Hold It!! What are you doing reading this review? Go pick up the Phoenix Wright trilogy on the eShop first, and then we’ll talk.
Nintendo DSGamesCollection (Dec 28, 2010)
Tentare di bissare il successo di un personaggio come Phoenix Wright non era affatto, facile; Apollo Justice, apparentemente, sembra troppo simile per anatomia e carattere al suo predecessore, tanto da offrire a volte la sensazione di non avere una personalità vera e propria... Tuttavia, il gioco si rivela divertente, con nuove interessantissime features (il braccialetto magico su tutte) ed una relazione tra personaggi e casi strettissima, anche più che nei giochi della saga Phoenix Wright... Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney saprà offrire una sfida lunga ed impegnativa il giusto e strappare più di un sorriso... Meritevole...
Nintendo DSGame Informer Magazine (Mar, 2008)
Apollo and his "focus" powers certainly fill Phoenix Wright's shoes while the former protagonist takes on a badass new role as a behind-the-scenes player.
Nintendo DSGBase - The Gamer's Base (Aug 16, 2008)
Obwohl Apollo Justice ein absoluter Neuling ist, steht er dem grossen Phoenix Wright in nichts nach. Seine Fälle sind sogar noch einen Tick spannender und vermögen einen stets bis zum Schluss vor den Handheld zu fesseln. Das auch, obwohl die oft sehr interessanten Zeugenbefragungen nach wie vor sehr textlastig sind und es so gut wie keine Sprachausgabe gibt. Dafür dürft ihr euch neben einer erstklassigen Musikuntermalung auch auf ein paar neue Ermittlungswerkzeuge und gut gemachte Videosequenzen freuen. Fans sollten sich den neuesten Ableger der Serie also keinesfalls entgehen lassen. Doch auch Neueinsteiger können sich den Titel, nicht zuletzt aufgrund der gelungenen Einführung, ruhigen Gewissens zulegen.
Nintendo DSIGN Australia (May 21, 2008)
It's not often than a fresh IP about something as obtuse as legal practice takes off and becomes a successful game series. Apollo Justice doesn't fool too much with the formula – which, while disappointing to people looking for a deeper courtroom experience – is a safe play for everyone else. It's more of the same, then, but it's great. The defence rests.
Nintendo DS1UP (Feb 19, 2008)
Still, I highly recommend playing through each game before taking on Justice. Do you have to? Nah, but you will appreciate the story a helluva lot more. Especially considering the Phoenix Wright games are by far the best-written titles you'll find on the DS, and Justice is no different. The localization team at Capcom should be commended for writing dialogue that is genuinely funny. Basically, if you're a fan of the earlier Phoenix Wright games, you will laugh...a lot. Couple the comedy with Justice's engrossing story and you have a case that would be criminal not to take.
Nintendo 3DSNintendojo (Dec 20, 2017)
At this point, almost the entirety of the epic Phoenix Wright series is on 3DS. While Apollo Justice didn’t go on to become the star of the franchise, his first game remains a breath of fresh air that took the established Ace Attorney formula and made it better than ever. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney remains as fun today as it was on Nintendo DS, improved with manual text scrolling right out of the gates and improved visuals. The storyline will grip you from beginning to end, with a satisfying payoff that really helps bring things to a proper climax. 3DS might be long in the tooth, but the quality of software that continues to hit the platform is keeping the platform feeling fresh.
Nintendo (May 30, 2008)
Die Charaktere sind angenehm verschroben und die Dialoge dementsprechend albern. Schon nach kurzer Zeit war mir gar nicht mehr bewusst, dass vor mir eigentlich nur geschriebener Text unter ein paar leicht animierten Comiczeichnungen über den DS-Bildschirm lief. Ich war ähnlich tief in die Story versunken wie beim Lesen eines unterhaltsamen Romans. Auch die Kreuzverhöre konnten mich nur dann aus dem Spiel- bzw. Lesefluss reißen, wenn ich mich wieder einmal in die verquere Logik der Entwickler hineindenken musste, um eine harte Rätselnuss zu knacken. Zum Glück sind nicht alle Falschaussagen schwer zu entlarven. Häufig erkennt ihr den Widerspruch sofort, oder aber die hervorgehobenen Bemerkungen eures Mentors stoßen euch darauf. Apollo Justice bietet Kennern der Serie zwar zwar nur neue Episoden zu einem bekannten Konzept, doch immerhin sind die neuen Fälle recht unterhaltsam geraten.
Nintendo DSGamer 2.0 (Feb 25, 2008)
That being said, unless you absolutely hate games that have a lot of reading, it's extremely hard to not recommend Apollo Justice—especially if you're a hardcore Ace Attorney fan. If you're new to the series, you're best advised to start with the first game, so you can have more of a grasp of what to really expect and understand every inside joke. This story-driven title has a lot to offer, including the specifics on how Phoenix Wright lost his attorney badge—oh, darn. One of the story elements has been leaked, and now you're pretty much forced to pick this up. TAKE THAT!
Nintendo DSIGN (Feb 19, 2008)
Apollo Justice surprised us. This may just be yet another of Capcom’s infamous rehashes, but it’s so much more enjoyable than most that it’s extremely hard to ignore. Going into playing this game expecting nothing but the same old-same old shtick, I was extremely excited when I realized that old and new could be melded so nicely. Capcom appeared to pay attention to their startling trend and tried to do something about it. The gameplay and static looks of Apollo Justice are just as we’ve seen them before, and the music will be both familiar and new, but Apollo Justice retains a lot of the charm Phoenix Wright held before it, and adds to the series' legacy. What's old is new again, and damn good, too.
Nintendo DSOfficial Nintendo Magazine (May 08, 2008)
The highlight of the Ace Attorney series, despite not doing much that the other games didn't and being a little short. Still, long-time fans and newcomers alike should love it.
Nintendo 3DSZTGameDomain (Nov 28, 2017)
Apollo Justice for the 3DS isn’t leaps and bounds better than the original with only a handful of meaningful updates to justify its re-release, but it stands as the definitive way to experience the classic misadventures of Apollo and Trucy.
Nintendo 3DSDigital Chumps (Dec 06, 2017)
I can’t say that my time with Apollo Justice has been a fantastic intro to the series, but I’m glad I did finally jump in. I’ll likely seek out the Phoenix Wright Trilogy sooner than later though, mainly to see if it’s better than Apollo’s outing. This isn’t a bad game to be sure, and while the 3DS re-release doesn’t offer a huge jump from the original, it’s notable for previous owners and those who are eager to check it out — especially at $20.
Nintendo 3DSDigitally Downloaded (Dec 07, 2017)
Make no mistake – despite my criticisms, Apollo Justice is an unforgettable entry in the Ace Attorney series. It serves to push the series’ overarching plot forward in meaningful ways while hammering home the value of truth to a world that so desperately tries to avoid it. It even represents the peak of comedy in a series that is renowned for it.
Nintendo 3DSNintendo Life (Dec 12, 2017)
This rerelease of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is an interesting one because it doesn’t really do anything that we didn’t see when it originally came out 10 years ago, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Rather than of a rebuilt game with shiny bells and whistles that clutter up the core experience, we’re instead treaded to a faithful rendition with updated visuals for a modern console generation. It’s the easiest way to experience the game if you haven’t before, and it’s a great way to pay it another visit if you have. As its lifecycle crawls to a close, the Nintendo 3DS has become somewhat of an archive, collecting franchise favorites and housing them all in one place. With the rest of the mainline Ace Attorney series already available on the 3DS eShop, it was just a matter of time before Apollo Justice had his day in court.
Nintendo 3DSCubed3 (Jan 26, 2018)
It may have taken its time arriving on the 3DS, but Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is just as engaging as it was over ten years ago. Franchise veterans may be a little disappointed by the lack of positive changes in this new version, but those who didn't get to experience franchise's most exciting leap forward in its original incarnation are ensured a fantastic time here, and it's a great way to contemplate the classic series' genius before its brave leap onto the Nintendo Switch in the coming year.
Nintendo (Jun 15, 2008)
Wer die ersten Teile der Serie gemocht hat, wird auch an dem vierten Teil nicht vorbei kommen. Apollo macht eine gute Figur und auch Phoenix spielt seine Rolle in diesem Titel. Zwar ist der Wiederspielbarkeitswert nicht vorhanden, da man nichts neues entdecken oder finden kann und das gesamte Spiel sehr linear abläuft und keinen eigenen Handlungsspielraum lässt. Aber das Game bietet viel Spaß für mehrere Stunden. Wer nichts gegen ein bisschen Lesearbeit hat, darf zugreifen.
Nintendo DSGamestyle (Mar 08, 2008)
Rated against its predecessors, Apollo Justice is not quite as good as Phoenix Wright 3: Trials and Tribulations, but certainly stands above Phoenix Wright 1 and 2. Capcom took a risk introducing a new character; usually a new protagonist turns out to be a moaning emo teenager with a bad haircut, but not here. Apollo Justice is a likeable guy (because he is just a carbon copy of Phoenix Wright, to be honest) and even four games into the series, this still remains fresh, thanks to the clever writing and plots. The countdown has already begun for Ace Attorney 5.
Nintendo (Jul 04, 2008)
DS-owners who've never worn a digital toga really have to try it. The Ace Attorney series is fascinating and quite special in gamesville and it still is, even in this newcomer called Apollo Justice. Old fans can expect what they're used to and more, because this part will be both recognizable and refreshing at the same time. The verdict? Buy, lend or rent that shit! If not, I'll take you to court!
Nintendo DSUOL Jogos (Jun 03, 2008)
Como de costume, a Capcom conseguiu uma fórmula de sucesso e lhe deu um mínimo ar de novidade para justificar um novo produto. O lado bom é que a idéia realmente é boa e continua fresca, funcionando de maneira eficiente no DS, com o controle através da caneta stylus. Os fãs da série só terão do reclamar da duração do jogo, com apenas quatro casos, enquanto os novatos mais pacientes ficarão instigados a procurar os capítulos anteriores.
Nintendo DSCubed3 (May 10, 2008)
Taking a considerably different direction from the previous Ace Attorney games was always going to be a huge risk for the team at Capcom, especially bringing in a new protagonist. However, the sharp writing skills shine through once more, with a script full of intrigue, humour and mystery. Throw in the tried-and-tested gameplay mechanic gamers have grown to love over the years, as well as the odd little tweak here and there and Apollo Justice proves to be a resounding success on all fronts.
Nintendo DSNGamer (Apr 12, 2008)
And how does Justice compare to Wright? Not bad, considering he's playing to a crowd of Phoenix fans. Although he's a more naïve presence than Wright (his assistant Trucy is far savvier - a reversal of Wright and Maya), he brings a new 'perceive ability' to the court. Used to point out nervous 'tells' to better read the witnesses (ie to spot twitches and tell-tell signs of fibbing), it's a great replacement for the lie-detecting Magatama. And, of course, a new defence attorney must have a new foil. Just as Godot wows us in Trials And Tribulations, in struts Apollo's nemesis, Klavier Gavin - German prosecutor and part-time rock musician. His air guitar riffs and German spattered dialogue are the comic cherry on yet another laugh out loud law cake. But it is a cake we've eaten before.
Nintendo (May 09, 2008)
Qui n'a jamais goûté aux joies d'un épisode de Ace Attorney passe à côté de quelque chose de grand. Si les fans attendaient plutôt la venue du troisième volet de la série, Trials and Tribulations, il faudra pourtant se faire à l'idée que ce titre risque fort de ne pas être distribué en Europe. C'est donc le quatrième opus qui succède à Justice For All dans notre pays, et il ne s'agit pas de la conversion d'un épisode GBA mais bien d'un épisode inédit conçu spécialement pour la DS. Le seul regret que l'on pourra avoir concerne peut-être le fait que le jeu se démarque très peu de ses aînés, là où l'on attendait quelque chose de plus audacieux. Apollo Justice n'en reste pas moins incontournable si vous suivez la série depuis ses débuts.
Nintendo DSVideo Game Generation (Apr 29, 2008)
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney picks up where Phoenix Wright left off. The game is a lot of fun and leaves the gamer playing the multiple roles of detective and scientist, as well as attorney. Some of the cases are extremely long, and when you think the proceedings are finally coming to a close, the game throws you for a loop. However you look at it, Apollo Justice will leave you hooked.
Nintendo DSPurojuegos (2008)
En conclusión, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney trae de regreso los juicios a la DS con algunas novedades jugables y con la misma escencia de los titulos anteriores, continua teniendo las mismas falencias en su forma de juego por su excesiva linealidad aunque esto a los seguidores de la saga poco les va a importar. Aun cuando pierda un poco de carisma al no estar presentes todos los personajes clásicos, el juego tiene su propio peso y sale adelante gracias a sus grandes cualidades. Es una muy buena opcion para continuar gritando ¡Protesto! contra la pantalla.
Nintendo DSWorth Playing (Mar 11, 2008)
A sequel in every sense of the word, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is content to merely evolve its series' formula, so if you're a die-hard Ace Attorney fan, it's doubtful that you'll see anything new here. On the other hand, the game is a great entry point for novice attorneys, thanks to a new cast of vibrant characters. Either way, if you want to unravel some crimes and have a few laughs in the process, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is your best bet.
Nintendo DSGame Informer Magazine (Mar, 2008)
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney upholds the series' distinction as being one of the most clever adventures on the DS. It's funny, unique and breaks up the text scrolling with more varied activities. Even so, Apollo still has room to grow and I'm looking forward to seeing what case he takes next.
Nintendo (UK) (Mar 03, 2008)
See, I've been very clever. I've gone on and on about my issues with the game, without telling you anything of what actually happens. That's the joy of the Ace Attorney games - being told a story. That's the precious part, and that's the bit they get so very, very right. It's so tempting to regale you with moments, one-liners, asides, and running jokes that permeate throughout, but why ruin the moment for you? One more thing though - if Gyakuten Saiban 5 doesn't tell me about Maya, I'm going over to Capcom's house and smearing poo on the walls.
Nintendo DSGameSpy (Feb 25, 2008)
Whether you're an ardent fan of the Ace Attorney titles or a curious newcomer, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is another fine entry in the series. In some instances it will feel a tad recycled, but the drama of the courtroom will still hook many gamers. The new DS-centric controls add a lot to the formula, though some other cool new features, such as forensic videos, are too sparsely used. The cast of characters, as a whole, are rather appealing, and the cases are intriguing. If you haven't discovered the series yet, Apollo Justice is a good place to start.
Nintendo DSVideo Game Talk (Feb 20, 2008)
Apollo Justice delivers an evolved version of the Phoenix Wright titles, but the overall experience has been shortened dramatically. There are only four cases to run through and each case doesn't take more than two to three hours at best. It's almost as if Capcom is using a shorter release window between titles to maximize their profit at the expense of the game length. Regardless of the duration, the immersive story and witty writing is definitely worth the entry fee. Those who are well versed in the Phoenix Wright saga will pick up on references to past games and shouldn't hesitate to launch into Apollo's opening act. It's certainly not necessary to have played the previous games, but helps understand some of the humor. For anyone hungry for a new DS title to test their deductive skills, Apollo Justice is a safe bet.
Overall, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney still cleverly presents itself as one of the most memorable adventures to reside in the Ace Attorney series. Having it available on the 3DS allows returning fans as well as new players to experience the series at its best in this day and age. While nothing revolutionary is present, it simply retouches the visuals, audio, and added features that will help players experience the game in a way similar to its original launch.
Nintendo (Jun 09, 2008)
Olen kurkkuani myöten täynnä kaikkea, missä suomalainen alkoholisti, brittiläinen mummo tai saksalainen apina ratkoo kaavamaisesti kaavamaisia rikoksia, enkä toisaalta ole kovin moneen mangaankaan ihastunut. Tämä on selkeä kehu Apollo Justicea kohtaan. Peli on tehty niin halvalla ja yksinkertaisesti kuin ikinä mahdollista, mutta kun tarina kiinnostaa, niin silloinhan se kiinnostaa. Onnetonta dekkaria lukiessa voi yrittää arvata pari kolme asiaa etukäteen, mutta Apollo Justicea pelatessa hoksottimet saavat vähintäänkin raksuttaa kaiken aikaa, vaikka todelliset haasteet harvinaisia ovatkin. Apollo Justice on hieno kesäpeli - hienoa ajanhukkaa tilaisuuksissa, joissa aika menisi hukkaan joka tapauksessa.
Nintendo DSOfficiel Nintendo Magazine (May, 2008)
On aurait aimé une révolution plutôt qu'une simple évolution, mais la recette fonctionne toujours malgré des cas moins passionnants qu'à l'accoutumée.
Nintendo DSAdventure Island (Jun 15, 2008)
Voor fans van de serie is het weer genieten van een heerlijke verhaal, mooi graphics en wat DS specifieke dingen. Jammer dat het allemaal wel wat minder is. Apollo Justice is geen Phoenix Wright en ook de bijpersonages zijn goed, maar wat minder interessant. De kick die ik in de eerdere delen van de muziek kreeg is helaas zo goed als verdwenen en de DS specifieke dingen hadden veel vaker gebruikt mogen worden. Nog steeds een goede adventure, maar het is allemaal wel een stuk minder dan de eerdere delen. Toch heb ik me er mee vermaakt en kijk uit naar een mogelijk volgend deel. Een kleine 7,5.
Nintendo DSGameswelt (Jun 05, 2008)
So langsam entwickelt sich die ’Ace Attorney’-Serie zu dem Äquivalent amerikanischer Serien wie ’C.S.I.’ oder ’Without a Trace’. Im Endeffekt laufen die Fälle alle sehr ähnlich ab und so manche Überraschung verpufft auf eine eher unspektakuläre Weise in einer schnöden Erklärung. Trotzdem ist die Motivation hinter den teilweise sehr gut geschriebenen Geschichten auch dank extrem freakiger Charaktere erneut eine Klasse für sich. Allerdings zeigt sich eine weitere Parallele zu den genannten Serien: Manche Folgen sind interessant (erster und letzter Fall), andere wirken von der Logik her künstlich konstruiert (Fall zwei und drei). Diese schwankende Qualitätskurve sorgt dafür, dass Apollo Justice gegenüber Phoenix Wright leicht das Nachsehen hat. Wer jedoch kein Problem mit überlangen Dialogen hat, lineares Spieldesign verträgt und einfache Adventure-Konzepte mag, der greift genau wie bei den Vorgängern zu.
Nintendo DSGamePro (US) (Feb 21, 2008)
Phoenix Wright fans who loved the past games and want nothing more than another docket of crazy cases to tackle will no doubt love Apollo Justice. It's a solid distillation of the franchise formula and if you haven't yet had your fill, I wholly recommend the game, because you will no doubt enjoy it. But I personally couldn't get over how derivative the game felt. There were moments when I enjoyed myself but for me, the magic of the series has slowly worn off and I truly hope Capcom takes the franchise in a bold new direction. Otherwise, I might have to consider turning in my badge and leaving the courtroom for good.
Nintendo DSRetro Gamer (Aug 14, 2008)
Although it initially feels very similar to the previous three titles, there are more than enough new gameplay additions to ensure that fans of the series are going to be very happy indeed.
Nintendo DSAdventure's Planet (Oct 14, 2009)
“Apollo Justice – Ace Attorney”, in verità, non è una cattiva avventura: pur essendo confezionato come un prodotto commercialmente ‘furbetto’ dall’incasso assicurato, risulta comunque divertente e gradevole da giocare, segno che la bontà della formula, nonostante tutto, regge ancora.
Nintendo DSGameLemon (Jul 07, 2008)
While the courtroom clashes never rise to the legendary heights of those between Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth, they're still exciting, and the rocking soundtrack that accompanies them really helps to get the blood pumping. If you're a diehard fan of the series, you may be a little disappointed with this one, but those who never played any of the Phoenix Wrigth trilogy will probably like Apollo Justice just fine. Of course, I don't know why you would choose to play this one first when the superior previous three are still easily available, but then again, I don't control the world. Not yet...
Nintendo 3DSWorth Playing (May 11, 2018)
Even with its flaws, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney proves the series' longevity by remaining a riveting and entertaining romp through its oddball legal world.
Nintendo (May 23, 2008)
Im Namen der Gerechtigkeit vergeht folgendes Urteil: Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice ist ein solides Adventures für den Nintendo DS. Mit dem weiterhin unverbrauchten Gerichtssetting und der Aufmachung punktet das Spiel, allerdings wiegen die langweiligen Fälle mit den engen Vorgaben und dem kaum vorhandenen Sprachwitz des Junganwalts dies wieder auf. Letztlich werden Fans der Anwaltsreihe auch mit dem neuen Teil ihren Spaß haben, Adventureveteranen sind mit einem Undercover oder dem im Sommer erscheinenden Ankh für DS aber sicherlich besser bedient.
Nintendo DSGames TM (Apr 17, 2008)
Had Capcom put a little more effort into overhauling the gameplay and graphics, while also preserving the magic of the original cast, Apollo Justice would have been more than just another sequel.
Nintendo DSConsoles Plus (Jun, 2007)
Ce n'est pas la nouveauté qui nous étouffera dans ce nouvel épisode. En fait Gyakuten Saiban 4 suit la voie des jeux « pour fans », sans jamais trop en faire, pour en garder sous le pied pour le prochain ?
Nintendo 3DSGame Revolution (Nov 21, 2017)
Even though Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is my favorite game in the series, it's hard to recommend this remaster to anyone other than newcomers. Being that it is already available on mobile devices - as well as through backwards compatibility - and does little to change or add anything to the original game, it is a missed opportunity to enhance the game with the same graphics as the most recent Ace Attorney entries. However, for those that have never tried this fourth Ace Attorney game, there is no reason not to pick up Apollo Justice. The riveting story is much more serious and emotional, the cases will shock and surprise you, and the soundtrack and cast of characters new and old are absolutely unforgettable.
Nintendo 3DSGame Critics (Feb 07, 2018)
Any newcomers intrigued by the Ace Attorney concept should definitely play the original Phoenix Wright trilogy first since Apollo Justice is uneven in tone and quality, but it’s still a worthwhile entry and this remaster is both competent and fairly priced.
Nintendo DSGameSpot (Feb 27, 2008)
If you've played and loved all of the previous Ace Attorney games, you'll be able to once again look past the series' inherent flaws and will love what Apollo Justice has to offer. If you're someone who feels that the franchise is in need of an overhaul, you'll likely be disappointed at how little things have changed. Problems and all, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is a good game that's worth playing.
Nintendo DSTTGamer (Jun 04, 2008)
Apollo Justice may just be a re-named Phoenix Wright but considering the old games were not broken and enjoyed much success, we can't blame the developers for not changing it. So it really comes down to whether you liked the older games or not. If not you won't find much new, if you did, then Apollo Justice will be right up your alley and is a moderately interesting addition to the series. However next time they will really need to change it up or Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice risk turning into yet another franchise which has gone on too long.
Nintendo DSSliced Gaming (GameBiz) (Jun 07, 2008)
At a crunch point though, while this game doesn't push the text-based adventure forward, what it does do is offer an entertaining and engrossing story, which is exactly what we all want in a good adventure. If you're up for putting up with the game's fickle logic at times, then you'll find a very rich world here, with some memorable characters. Having been the first time I was introduced to the world of Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice, I enjoyed the experience: it certainly makes for a change from the piles of shovelware currently doing the rounds on the DS.
Nintendo DSAdventure Gamers (May 30, 2008)
Those who have never played a game in the series to this point will find that this is still a well written adventure filled with quirky humour, offbeat scenarios and ever-twisting plots. The same is true for series veterans, of course, but having seen what previous iterations were capable of at their best, the latest Ace Attorney ends up feeling mostly like more of the same but not as good.
Nintendo DSGamekult (Mar 31, 2008)
Du bien tout d'abord, puisque l'on profite enfin d'un jeu entièrement développé pour la DS permettant dès le second chapitre de se la jouer police scientifique en soufflant sur le micro ou en tartinant du ciment avec le doigt sur l'écran tactile. Du bien toujours lorsque l'on découvre une galerie de personnages totalement inédits, nouvelle génération oblige. Mais du mal aussi, la faute à un complot visant à complètement délester le joueur de ses responsabilités, n'en faisant qu'un pantin désarticulé victimes de nombreux retournements de situations pas toujours très crédibles. L'aventure reste excellente et fort passionnante sur le moment, mais laisse un petit goût amer une fois le dernier chapitre achevé avec succès. A ne pas tenter si vous avez déjà commencé à vous lasser de la répétitivité des précédents. Si par contre vous êtes un fan du "gyakutenverse", les retrouvailles avec Phoenix Wright justifient à elles seules l'achat du titre.
Nintendo DSRetroage (Dec 31, 2014)
Podsumowując Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney na Nintendo DS jest ogólnie rzecz biorąc dobrą, a chwilami nawet powiedziałbym bardzo dobrą, choć odrobinę przekombinowaną grą. Muszę jednak przyznać, że w kilku miejscach dość mocno mnie rozczarowała, czy to jeśli chodzi o poziom niektórych żartów, czy to dziwne pomysły, w niektórych momentach. Dobra, choć minimalistyczna grafika w stylu anime i udźwiękowienie stanowią przyjemne tło, dla tych którzy chcą sobie trochę poczytać i jednocześnie ruszyć głową w nieco inny sposób niż w większości klasycznych przygodówek.
Nintendo 3DSGod is a Geek (Nov 29, 2017)
Apollo Justice just reminds me of Metal Gear Solid 2, a great series, wrested away from a loved protagonist for an unlikable child. I don’t want to sound too down about the game because I love the series. Even this entry despite all its missteps has it’s place. The thing is, as I said earlier, it’s easily the weakest of the Ace Attorney titles and as a result it’s difficult to welcome this remaster when The Great Ace Attorney still hasn’t been localised for the West. Granted, brand new copies of Apollo Justice are hard to come by, so remaking it for current audiences, and to help people finish their collections makes some kind of sense, but even still this just feels pointless.
Nintendo (Dec 19, 2017)
Si vous avez la possibilité de vous procurer la version Nintendo DS, cette dernière suffira et vous pourrez profiter d’une véritable traduction française. Si vous êtes parfaitement à l’aise avec l’anglais et le japonais, cette mouture 3DS vous offrira, quant à elle, un meilleur confort visuel et quelques ajustements pour profiter d’un des meilleurs épisodes de la saga. Drôle et doté de personnages géniaux, Ace Attorney : Apollo Justice est un jeu formidable mais son absence de traduction vient porter un sérieux coup à son intérêt.
Nintendo (Apr, 2008)
Beyond that, there’s not really all that’s really new in this installment of the series. The four episodes are introduced with short movies that are a nice upgrade to the production value of the series.9 You’ll do all the examining, moving, talking, and presenting like you did before, and although the faces and the names change, the soul is still right there. It’s more of the same for the franchise, and while innovation drives our industry, it’s nice to enjoy a good book story-driven game once in a while.
Nintendo DSGame Revolution (Mar 28, 2008)
Phoenix Wright: You still have a lot to learn, kid. If you’re going to make it in this world, you have to pave your own path. Still, copying me is not a bad start... though your hair is hardly as spiky as mine. Ha ha ha ha ha…
Nintendo DSAventura y Cía (Jun 01, 2008)
No deja de ser sintomático que lo mejor de este cartucho, y me disculparán el spoiler, sean los veinte minutos de auténtica gloria, de catarsis absoluta, que tiene el grandísimo Phoenix Wright, exudando veteranía y habilidad. Y es que, cuando lo bueno funciona, ¿qué sentido tiene intentar cambiarlo?
Nintendo DSPlayDevil (Aug 24, 2008)
"Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney" is an extremely tired and jaded release from Capcom. The series has been going for years, but has seen basically no new innovations. The 3D evidence is a mixed addition at best. If you are a big fan of the series, then you'll probably buy the game anyway, but if you wanted to try this kind of game out, you'd be much better off with the original game- it's pretty similar, has a storyline that requires no previous knowledge of the series, and will be much cheaper!
Nintendo DSGaming since 198x (Aug 11, 2008)
Petite déception pour cet épisode sans panache, sans challenge, et sans saveur. Le jeu est trop facile, trop dirigiste, et finalement sans grande âme malgré quelques bonnes idées. Espèrons que Capcom redresse le tir si nouvel épisode il devait y avoir...

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