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Advertising Blurbs

From the Brøderbund Software Catalog 1987-1988:

    The world's greatest generals send you an armed invitation.

    How would you like to personally lead an army into battle against the great Genghis Khan? Or try to outfox that master military strategist, Alexander the Great? Now you can pit your own intelligence and skills against eight of the most brilliant military minds in history. The Ancient Art of War lets you plan and carry out military campaigns right down to the last detail... while your enemy conducts a historically authentic campaign against you.

    Choose your own armies, weapons, battle formations. Then begin making your decisions - to attack the enemy directly, cut off his supply lines, or take him by surprise. Using detailed maps, you can replay any of 11 historical and fictitious battles. Or you can create your own campaigns with thousands of variations, guaranteeing that this program will never end up at the back of your diskette tray.

    When you think you're ready, try challenging the legendary Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese general who literally wrote the book on war. It will be an experience you won't soon forget.

    • Battles are in real-time, testing your wit, your creativity, and your reflexes.
    • Includes a strategy guide that tells you your enemy's greatest strengths and weaknesses.
    • Game Generator to create your own campaigns.

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Sep 02, 2001.

Back Cover:
    2500 years ago, China's Sun tzu wrote The Art of War, establishing principles of military strategy and tactics that remain valid to this day. Every great military leader has been influenced by Sun's writings. Every major war has seen them put into practice. Now you can enter the ranks of history's greatest military strategists. Apply Sun's teachings, and your own insights, to the most realistic game of strategy and tactics ever created: The Ancient Art Of War(tm)

    FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT. In The Ancient Art Of War, you plan and carry out entire military compaigns, not just battles. You choose the makeup of the army, its weapons, its positions, its marches, even its battle formations. You direct troop movements on detailed campaign maps... then zoom in to command each battle on the actual terrain where the enemy engages you.

    IT'S ALMOST TOO REAL. Every variable of military strategy comes into play here. Do you attack the emeny directly, or try to cut off his supply lines? Do you put your troops on a fast march to take the enemy by surprise, and risk tiring them before the battle? Will you attack the enemy's fortifications, or try to lure them into the open field? You'll find out what it's like to make decisions like these in the heat of battle, because in , you actually play in real time.

    KNOW YOUR ENEMIES. Try your hand against eight of the most brilliant military theorists ever to blacken our Earth, from the mythical Athena to Julius Caeser, Genghis Khan and Napoleon. When you're ready for the supreme test, take on the master himself: Sun Tzu. Each opponent uses his or her historically authentic approach to the art of war. By studying Sun's writings, you will have some clue to your enemy's strategies--but you'll quickly discover that inspiration and improvisation are as important as theory.

    PICK A FIGHT. ANY FIGHT. The Ancient Art Of War includes a powerful game generator that lets you create your own military campaigns from scratch. You determine everything from troop strength and position to the tiniest details of terrain. (Do you want that river shallow and fast-running, or deep and slow-running? Do you want those mountains low and safe, or high and dangerous?) Or, you can choose from a variety of pre-arranged campaigns against any of the eight opponents--and easily alter any of the variables in those campaigns for ever more variety.

    What's it like to meet Napoleon at your own Waterloo? To defend your homeland against the Mongol hordes? To go to war with the man who wrote the book? Are you smart enough, quick enough, innovative enough to claim your place in the annals of military legend? This is your chance to find out.

    • Challenges in real time that will test your strategic and tactical creativity
    • A comprehensive Game Generator that lets you define every detail of the campaigns you create
    • Historic opponents who use their authentic military strategies
    • Realistic action throughout the game, from strategy planning to execution of tactical maneuvers.
    • Strategy Guide based on the writings of Sun Tzu

    Contributed by Trixter (9122) on Mar 01, 1999.