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The Bilestoad Screenshots (Apple II)

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Player setup: resume your progress with the "class" code, if you have one.
The two meatlings materialize on the first island.
Bleed, ye robotic rascal!
Scoring a critical hit on the computer opponent
The CPU's meatling bolts off... freshly missing its right arm and shield.
Depart the island via this portal - worth more points than slaying your foe.
Emerged from a teleporter - now where on the map did that bastard go?
Gliding away on a flying disc, while the CPU plods along on foot.
My prowess awards me a promotion to the next class.
Leaving a trail of my blood all over the nice green lawn
Now it's my turn to flee - leaving behind my axe and hacked-off arm
This match didn't end too well for me
This frown-faced portal means instant defeat for the human player.