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Captain Goodnight and the Islands of Fear Screenshots (Apple II)

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Captain Goodnight...
...and the Islands of Fear!
Captain Goodnight all around hero.
Start of the game: Captain Goodnight has arrived!
Captain Goodnight outside of HQ building.
Captain Goodnight takes off!
Flying over F.O.E. airspace.
Plane was shot down. Each time that you get shot down you lose time.
Flying over an ocean.
Flying over the Aaran desert.
On foot in the Aaran desert. Watch out for Doctor Maybe's robots.
Driving a jeep.
Captain Goodnight comes to the docks and finds a sub waiting.
Game Over - You failed the mission.
In the sub.
Driving a truck.
Captain Goodnight rides a tram up the mountian.
At the top of the mountian.
An entrance that leads undergrund and a billboard for Broderbund.
A speedboat.
The clock shows the time remaining.
Captain Goodnight arrives on Modo Island.
Captain Goodnight drives a tank.
Captain Goodnight flies a helicopter.
Taking out a rader dish with the helicopter.
Captain Goodnight comes to an enemy airfield.
Captain Goodnight flies off in a prop plane.
Captain Goodnight arrives at Doom Island where the doomsday machine is located.
Fighting Doctor Maybe's Thermo Bersker robots.
Riding an elevator.
Running through tunnels in search of the doomsday machine.
The doomsday machine! Now Captain Goodnight has to enter the right code to deactivate it.
The doomsday machine is going to self destruct, and Captain Goodnight has to find a way off the island before it does.
Hall of Fame.