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Written by  :  Richard Jender (1)
Written on  :  Jun 03, 2005
Platform  :  Apple II

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AI Good for its time, Game draws me 20 years later...

The Good

Probably the most fun simulation for the Recovery of France time of WW2. It is very entertaining to watch Patton's army drive across France (assuming you were smart enough to plan for its breakout. It is equally fun to lock the Allies on the beachfront and slowly squoosh them back into the sea (Channel, whatever...).

The Bad

The one-player AI leaves a lot to be desired. Even on the toughest setting, it can be beat soundly by an educated foe. Also, I had some problems with running the program in Windows 98.

The Bottom Line

This is one program that displays Patton's capabilities appropriately. It's a fine DDay-plus wargame.