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US Box - Back Cover:
    Fight to control your own destiny.

    After you saved the entire city of Phlan and located the Pool of Radiance, a simple trip to Tilverton should have been as easy as a noon-day stroll. But it wasn't...

    Ambushed, captured, and knocked unconscious, you awake with no idea who attacked you or how you arrived in Tilverton. You only know that five azure-blue symbols are imprinted just under your skin of your right arm.

    The mystical power of the azure symbols ensnares your will like metal bonds! And when the bonds glow, you must do as they command. No magic dispels the bonds and no cleric's prayers remove them.

    Your only hope: search the Forgotten Realms for your members of the alliance who created the bonds and regain control of your own destiny. Only then can you be free of the Curse of the Azure Bonds.

    Twice as deadly as POOL OF RADIANCE!
  • The exciting sequel to Pool of Radiance.
  • Defeat the evil members of the New Alliance and free your characters from the Curse of the Azure Bonds.
  • Official AD&D rules using monsters, items and spells from the famous Monster Manuals, Dungeon Masters Guide and Players Handbook.
  • High-level advancement allows player characters to become High Priests, Lords, Paladins, Ranger Lords, Wizards and Master Thieves.
  • Over 24 new high-level spells including: Dispel Evil, Flame Strike, Raise Dead, Ice Storm, Cloudkill and Feeblemind.
  • New player-character types include: Paladins, Rangers, and dual-class human characters.
  • Deadly new monsters include: Beholders, Salamanders, Manticores, Rakshasa and Margoyles.
  • Full-screen overland map allows fast movement from adventure to adventure.
  • Use characters from POOL OF RADIANCE and HILLSFAR or create 5th-level player characters at beginning od game.
  • Adventurer's Journal provides background history, maps, a bestiary, clues and rumors.
  • Great computer graphics include detailed 3-D views with monsters in perspective, a colorful overland map, animated monster pictures and active tactical combat.

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