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Dunjonquest: Temple of Apshai Screenshots (Apple II)

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Greetings by the Innkeeper.
Character generation
A fine selection of weapons.
Haggling with the shopkeeper.
You can also buy shields, ...
..., armor, ...
..., and other stuff.
Monster speed can be set before entering the dungeon. The game is in "pseudo-realtime" (timed delay).
Character overview.
Ready, steady, ...
... GO!
Game begins, immediately greeted by a skeleton.
Fighting a skeleton.
Grabbed a treasure ("#20"). The manuals identifies this to be trash.
Another room, another skeleton...
A swamp rat.
Killed it!
Found a secret door!
Attacked by giant mosquitoes.
Finally, some useful treasure: #1!
Leaving the dungeon.
Saving your character.
Showing the treasures I found.
As the game doesn't save your money, you can enter any amount here.
A captivating battle against a skeleton.
Two secret doors found.
Fighting centipedes hiding under a chest.
I should have run...
... but if you die, you may be rescued by fellow adventurers and resurrected -- at a price, of course.