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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Cardboard Folder - C64 (US):

    Building Cities in Space

    Run Your Own Space Program
    It's the next 50 years of space development - with you in charge. Raising the money. Constructing the space stations. Exploring the planets. And paying off the bank.

    A Game of Skill and Strategy
    Combine 39 different modules into an infinite variety of stations. Shuttleports. Chemical Labs. Construction Plants. Will you invest in new technology or go for the quick buck? Make the right decisions and your empire could extend to Pluto.

    A Great Simulation
    The game is based on NASA's plans for the next 50 years of space exploration. The technologies and economic models are under development now. You may learn something even NASA doesn't know.

    Great Game Depth
    • Seven different game scenarios - all replayable.
    • Each scenario lasts from 2-40 hours. Hundreds of hours of game play!
    • Take on your computer - or up to three more human players.
    • EOS library includes facts and details about every planet and moon in the Solar System!


    Reading Between The Lines
    Profits are the mother's milk of the space industry. Develop new products. Set your prices. Advertise. Make alliances - or sabotage the competition. And don't believe everything you read.

    Columbus Would Be Jealous
    Get ahead by sending probes or manned missions to 8 planets and 34 moons of the Solar System. Just make sure you get there before your competition.

    Explore Advanced Technology
    To build cities in space, you'll have to develop the technology for mining the moon - and moving the ore. Nobody said plundering the resources of space would be easy.

    Contributed by jean-louis (44213) on Nov 16, 2019.

Back of Case - C64 (German release):


    LASSEN SIE IHR EIGENES WELTRAUM-PROGRAMM ABLAUFEN. Erleben Sie heute schon die nächsten 50 Jahre der Weltraum-Fahrt – und Sie haben die Kontrolle! Verwalten Sie das Geld. Bauen Sie Weltraum-Stationen. Erforschen Sie die Planeten. Und verdienen Sie sich eine goldene Nase. EIN SPIEL VOLLER STRATEGIE. Kombinieren Sie 39 verschiedene Module zu unendlich vielen Weltraumstationen. Chemische Labors. Raumflughäfen. Ganze Fabriken. Investieren Sie in neue Technologie oder warten Sie aufs grosse Geld? Wer richtig handelt, hat auch auf dem Pluto Erfolg. EINE TOLLE SIMULATION. Dieses Spiel basiert auf den Plänen der NASA für die nächsten 50 Jahre. All diese Dinge könnten Wirklichkeit werden. Und sie könnten Dinge lernen, die selbst die NASA nicht weiss.

    Contributed by mo  (1468) on Sep 23, 2009.