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Exodus: Ultima III Credits


ByRichard Garriott (Lord British)
Musical Score Composed, Arranged And Realised For Thy Pleasure ByKenneth W. Arnold
I, Lord British, would like to thank the following perons for their efforts in creating this bookRoe R. Adams III (for the eloquent writings herein), Denis R. Loubet (for the magnificent illustrations within this book)
Special thanks goes out to those who assisted through long hours of work and playtestRoe R. Adams III, Kenneth W. Arnold, Chuck Bueche, Richard Garriott, Winfield Kang, James Van Artsdalen, Michael Ward, Margaret Ellen Weigers, and to all those persons found within this game, I extend a warm greeting
French Adaptation (L'adaption française)Isabelle Aatz, James Augustin, Jean-Pierre Buchert, Pierre Rosenthal

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (228692) and ryanbus84 (30075)