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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Apple II/Atari 8-bit (US):


    FORTRESS™ joins the proud and ancient family of great strategy games such as chess, go and othello. Like these classics, FORTRESS is beautifully simple in concept: occupy a place, fortify it and dominate the surrounding countryside. Lay siege to your opponent's fortresses, or better still, outflank them. The rules are few: the possible moves, nearly limitless.
    Unlike some of these traditional games, however, FORTRESS isn't an endurance test: each game lasts less than ten minutes. A multi-game tournament can be played in less than an hour.
    Even though this game allows two human players to match wits against each other, the solitaire game is far more provocative. Five different computer opponents are provided, all given colorful names to match their unique style of play: Genghis Khan, Count Vauban, Lord Maginot Sir Galahad and the Squire.
    The Squire is a perfect opponent for the first-time player since it, too, is a novice. Lord Maginot, the master of defense, will parry your moves most ably, whereas Genghis Khan, the epitome of ruthlessness, knows only cunning and relentless attack.
    If this short description has you wringing your hands in anticipation, consider this final fact: the computer opponents programmed not only to play but to learn and improve. Each time they play they study your strategy and memorize your strengths and weaknesses. The better you get, the better they'll play, using your own habits and tricks against you!
    Simple, fast, and ever more challenging, FORTRESS is destined to earn a lasting place in the hallowed ranks of classic strategy games.

    Contributed by jean-louis (53381) on Jul 19, 2020.