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This is a portion of an email that Mr Giggles had received from the author, Nathan Tennies.

...The background here is that I wrote the Apple II version first -- if memory serves, this was about 30K lines of assembly code, hand-optimized for performance and so that we could fit code, display buffer, and all three "zoom" levels of a hole, complete with contour and obstacle information, into the 48K of RAM available on the low-end Apple II. As you know, the Apple II and C64 both use the 6502 processor, and I designed this code so that it could be easily ported to the C64, which didn't have quite the RAM constraints but had its own unique challenges. We shipped the Apple II version to fab in early-March 1986...I would expect that we shipped the C64 version to fab in October or November of 1986 and that it went out to back-orders and possibly hit store shelves before Christmas of 1986.

Contributed by Mr Giggles (3968) on Dec 20, 2006. [revised by : Patrick Bregger (265771)]. -- edit trivia