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Hi-Res Adventure #1: Mystery House Screenshots (Apple II)

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
The game begins here
Exploring the kitchen
Ah, a candle. Could be useful...
Hmm, another note...
Uh oh, a dead body!
Someone is throwing daggers at you!
Cast of characters. Quite crammed in here, but the ranks will soon thin out!
The notes contain valuable hints.
Found a key...
Six fresh graves... Very suspicious!
Yet another dead body.
Another corpse, with a clue this time.
Yet another clue.
Huh, the parser doesn't want you to say naughty words.
Found a secret passage!
My, another dead one. And some mighty big key, I must say.
Welcome to the traditional maze.
Found a gun. Time for action!
Oh no! Quick, do something!
Great, I always wanted to be a Guru Wizard.
Notice from the public domain version