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Impossible Mission Screenshots (Apple II)

User Screenshots

Apple II version

The beginning location of the game
One of the many rooms to explore
Watch out for the giant 8-ball in this room!
Searched, but found nothing.
Solve this puzzle to earn a bonus...
Starting in an elevator
Flipping into action, the map barely revealing anything so far
Flip ever on, avoiding the robots and the sinister bubble
Options at a computer terminal
Looking behind furniture for clues
This clue allows one to disable the robots temporarily
This clue resets lift positions
A piece of the puzzle!
Getting my atoms re-arranged by a zapping alien
Pondering the correct position of my one puzzle piece
What's that doorway down there?
Intersections like these make elevators irrelevant! See how much of the map is becoming revealed!
Being told where to point in the "Simon" room