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WalkthroughContributed by Katakis | カタキス (40354) on Dec 06, 2004.

King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella
Walkthrough by *Katakis* ([email protected])

King Graham and Queen Valanice celebrated the return of their two children, but their happy moment is short-lived. As Graham passes on his adventurers' hat, he suffers a heart attack and the only way he can revive him is a magic fruit that grows on an island in the faraway land of Tamir. With the help of the good fairy Genesta, Rosella agrees to travel to Tamir to search for the fruit. However, she must also recover Genesta's talisman from Lolotte, the evil fairy. It must be returned in 24 hours or Genesta dies, destroying any hope of Rosella returning to Daventry.


1. During the game, you must complete five tasks that must be completed within those 24 hours. It begins at dawn at 6 a.m., and ends the following dawn. You can check what time it is by going into the haunted house, stand in front of the grandfather clock, and typing TIME. If you fail to complete each task before dawn, you'll lose the game.
2. King's Quest IV is the first game in the series to employ a day-night cycle. Most of what you do can be done during the day, but there are some things that nee to be done at night.

You start on the beach. Go east one screen to a meadow with a river flowing through it. You may see an unicorn appearing on the screen, then going to another area. We will need the unicorn later. Keep going east until you see a mine. Enter the mine and you will discover that it is a diamond mine owned by the seven dwarfs (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, anyone?), who kick you out. Maybe if we do something for them... Continue east to see a bird struggling to get an earthworm out of the ground. If there isn't, leave then come back. Approach the bird and it will fly off. GET WORM. Go east (x2). You will arrive at the base of the mountain, and there is Lolotte's castle in the distance.

Before you can proceed further, her goons appear and carry you inside the castle. Lolotte believes that you are a spy, and she orders her goons to take you to the dungeon. There, feel free to look around. Shortly, her goons release you and Lolotte asks you to bring her the unicorn that roams the meadows, the same one that we saw earlier; and with that, her goons drop you back onto the surface.

Go north to arrive at the waterfall. You will need to get inside this waterfall later on. Go west until you see a house built in to a large tree. Maybe it belongs to whoever is working in the mine directly south from here. OPEN DOOR and enter. Look around. This place is a mess. There is a fire burning on the left, but there are still bowls and cutlery on the table, so many dishes near the sink, and the cabinet on the left is wide open. The bedroom is untidy as well. Now, if you saw the aforementioned film, then Snow White found a dirty house and offers to clean it. Let's follow the tradition. CLEAN HOUSE.

The dwarfs will come home and prepare a bowl of soup, which they eat at the table. Rosella is invited to join them. While they are eating the soup, you can TALK DWARVES if you like until they repeat themselves. Eventually, they go back into the mine, leaving a diamond pouch on the table. You will be able to enter their mine now. Go over, GET POUCH, then leave the house. Now, walk south and enter the mine. Climb (or fall) down the slope and go right. TALK DWARF standing near the bucket of diamonds. GIVE POUCH to him and he will reject it, but gives you his unlit lantern. Leave the mine and walk north. Head west to see a bridge with a gold ball under it.

LOOK UNDER BRIDGE and Rosella automatically gets the gold ball. Go north to the pond. There is a frog on its right side. Approach the frog, then THROW BALL into the pond and the frog will retrieve it for you. It will then come to you with the ball next to it. GET FROG then KISS FROG. The frog turns into a handsome prince, gives you the crown he was wearing, then leaves.

Alternate Solution

Instead of kissing the frog, GET CROWN instead. You won't score as many points though.

GET BALL back and go east. This is the west graveyard. It may look deserted now, but wait until it's night. You may READ EPITAPH of every tombstone if you want. Go east to the haunted mansion. OPEN DOOR and go inside. Look around. This is indeed a creepy old mansion. You have entered a room full of dust and cobwebs. There are four doorways, each one also covered with cobwebs. There is wallpaper peeling of the walls, a broken mirror next to the grandfather clock, and there are pictures of the previous occupants. The mansion may be empty now, but wait until night.

Go left into the library. There is furniture, two bookshelves, and a picture of a young woman. LOOK SHELVES and Rosella will notice a book called “The Compleat Works of Shakespeare”. GET BOOK. Notice that the woman in the picture gazes off to the left wall. Maybe there is something over there. Go over to that wall and LOOK WALL to discover a hidden latch. PULL LATCH and a secret passage will be revealed. Go through it to arrive in a room with steps leading up the tower. GET SHOVEL lying on the wall. Go back into the entryway. Before you leave, you may explore the other rooms if you wish, see how untidy they are.

Outside, go west (x3) to the meadow. There is a large rock in the center of the screen, where this minstrel should be playing his lute on. If he is not there, check west. If he's still not there, go back and forth these screens until he appears. If he does, approach him. TALK MINSTREL if you want to see how poor his musical talent is. Maybe we can suggest a career change. GIVE BOOK to him. He shows off for a bit, then leaves.

The fisherman's house is directly to the north, and we can just see him trying to catch a fish. Eventually, he will get up and walk toward his house.


Don't stand too close to the edge of the pier as the fisherman passes by you. You will be pushed into the ocean, and have to swim back to shore.

Follow him. He enters the house, and closes the door behind him. OPEN DOOR and enter. This looks like a cozy little shanty. Go over and TALK FISHERMAN. He tells you that he has no luck catching fish, and catching fish is important for him to make a living. GIVE POUCH of diamonds to him and he asks his wife to give you his rod in return. Leave the house and go to the end of the pier. The fisherman had no success catching a fish, but let's see if we can do better. PUT WORM ON HOOK and then FISH until you catch a big one.

Go east. Pan should be playing his flute and dancing round. The same deal with the minstrel: if he's not here, check north. Otherwise, cycle between these screens. PLAY LUTE to get his attention. Rosella plays the theme to KQ4, and she does a much better job than the minstrel. He is fascinated by the lute. Why don't we give it to him? GIVE LUTE and you will receive the flute. Go back to the edge of the pier, and drop down into the water. Swim left until you get to the island. Save the game first, so that if a shark or whale appear, you can restore the game.


The keyword is save. Like the bandits in King's Quest III, if the shark appears, it will follow you off the screen and you will lose the game.

This island is the home of Genesta. You can visit her in her palace if you wish, but she is protected by fairies. Just go through the left doorway and climb the stairs to her bedroom (You won't be able to explore the other rooms or get close to Genesta.) Otherwise, explore the island, taking in the wonderful sights. You might see a peacock wandering about the island. Explore the island until you see one of its feathers on the ground. TAKE FEATHER and go back to where you arrived.

Save the game and swim east. This time, we want to be swallowed by the whale. If the whale does not appear, then leave the screen then come back. If the shark appears instead, restore the game.


If you enter the whale without the peacock feather, you will not be able to get out and eventually die as a result of the fumes.

Inside the whale, look around. Among the bile, there is a boat containing an unlucky person who was swallowed and was unable to escape. Rosella will end up like him if she doesn't escape soon. There is a bottle floating in the bile. GET BOTTLE and OPEN BOTTLE to discover a note inside. READ NOTE to read support questions regarding other Sierra games. The only way to get out of here is to tickle the whale, and to do that we must climb its slippery tongue. To do this, start at the extreme right or left, and climb up diagonally. (Save the game in case you slip and fall down.) Now when you see Rosella standing up, that means that we can safely make our way to the uvula in the middle. Go up to it and TICKLE WHALE with the feather.

The whale sneezes and you are thrown out in the ocean. Swim toward the island in the distance. There is a shipwrecked boat on your right. There seems to be a glint coming from it. Go over to that glint and LOOK GROUND to retrieve a bridle. See that pelican on the left? He's your only ticket out of here. Since pelicans like fish, go over to him (but don't scare him off) and THROW FISH to him. He flies off, but not before he drops something on the ground. Go over and LOOK GROUND. It's a whistle. TAKE WHISTLE. BLOW WHISTLE and Rosella will summon a dolphin. Go over to it and RIDE DOLPHIN to be taken back to Tamir, north of the fisherman's house.

Go east (x2) to arrive at the Roman pool. Cupid flies down and starts swimming. (If he does not appear, leave the screen then come back.) Approach Cupid. He will be startled and fly off, but that's okay. TAKE BOW he leaves behind. Now, go north (x2) and east (x3) to arrive at the waterfall. You will have to enter this waterfall now. WEAR CROWN and Rosella turns into a frog and hops her way into the waterfall.

You are now behind the waterfall. There is a cave entrance and a wooden board next to it. TAKE BOARD and enter the cave. It is totally dark, so LIGHT LANTERN. There is a pile of bones on the ground, so before you proceed any further, save the game and TAKE BONE.


Before proceeding into the caves, make sure you have the lantern, board, and flute in inventory.


There is a troll lurking in the caves, and it will appear anywhere and at anytime. Going back a screen won't work. Starting from the second screen onwards, wait a bit to see if you get a message saying “GRRRR!”, and if you don't see the message, save the game. Otherwise, restore the game. Also, it will appear no matter what if you navigate the caves without lighting the lantern.

Go east into the next screen. Go halfway toward the middle of the screen then down into the next screen. On screen three, walk toward the north-east corner of the cave and then go east. On the next screen, light is coming through an opening to the north-east, but you can't just walk up to it. There is a chasm in the middle of the screen. To see the chasm, walk carefully toward it until you see some lines marking its start, nudge a bit to the east, and PLACE BOARD OVER CHASM. Cross it, and Rosella automatically picks the board up again. Now you can go north and then crawl through the opening.

You have reached the swamp on the other side of the mountains. EXTINGUISH LANTERN. There are tufts of grass in the water, which we need to JUMP on until we get near the island. The island has a tree that contains the fruit we need to cure King Graham, but it is protected by a giant cobra, probably placed by Lolotte. There is also a large gap separating it and the last tuft of grass. When you jump on the last one, the cobra wakes up. Since jumping straight to the island won't work here, PUT BOARD DOWN and walk to the edge of the island. PLAY FLUTE and the snake will be hypnotized, but not for long. So quickly go up, TAKE FRUIT, and make your way back to the cave entrance, but make sure you GET BOARD first.


Eating the fruit will result in the bad ending.

LIGHT LANTERN and proceed back into the cave. Go south (x2), PLACE BOARD OVER CHASM, and cross it. Walk west, go halfway toward the middle of the screen, then north. Walk toward the far north-west corner and go left. Leave the cave, EXTINGUISH LANTERN, and go back behind the waterfall.

Outside, go west (x3) and south to the meadows then find the unicorn around this area. When yoi do, SHOOT ARROW AT UNICORN before it has the chance to run away. Rosella now has a friend for life. Go to the front of the unicorn and PUT BRIDLE OVER UNICORN. Now, RIDE UNICORN to Lolotte's castle. When you get to the mountain path, three of her goons appear. Two of them take Rosella in, while the third stays back with the unicorn. Inside, Lolotte thanks you for bringing the unicorn to her. However, she asks you for another thing: the hen from inside the house occupied by the ogre and his wife. With that, the goons dump you back to Tamir again. Go west, south, west to the ogre's house (watch out for the scary trees). OPEN DOOR of the house.

Look around. There are some stairs leading up to a bedroom, and two doorways near the east wall, one of them closed. There are tables and chairs here, and the ogre's bulldog rushes toward you. Quickly, THROW BONE at him. The dog chews on is newly-found bone. Go upstairs. There is an axe leaning against the wall. GET AXE and go back downstairs. Now, OPEN DOOR to the left of the open doorway and enter. You'll end up in the closet. Wait a moment. Eventually, the ogre will come back from his adventure. LOOK KEYHOLE to spy on him. The ogre is at the table, eating his meal. After that, he orders his wife to bring him the hen, which he then orders to lay a golden egg.

After he falls asleep, OPEN DOOR and GET HEN from the table without waking up the ogre. Now, try to go outside. The hen will squawk, alerting the ogre. OPEN DOOR and continue going outside. You must make your way to the edge of the screen without getting caught. From whatever screen you arrived at, go back toward Lolotte's castle and be picked up by her goons. Again, Lolotte thanks you and assigns you another task: bring her Pandora's box that will give her unspeakable powers. We wouldn't let that happen, but if we want to get Genesta's talisman, we have no choice.

There are two areas we haven't explored yet, one of which is the inside of the crypt, but we can't go inside of it until nightfall. From where you are dropped off, go north (x3). To the north of here is a cave inhabited by witches, but we cannot go there because the trees will grab us if we just go there. Maybe if we threaten them with something, they might leave us alone. Indeed we do. SWING AXE and the trees will indeed leave us alone. Go north and enter the cave, which happens to look like a skull.

There is a bubbling cauldron in the center of the cave, containing a brew of god knows what. Vials and potions line the right wall. There are three one-eyed witches on the left, and the one on the left chases after you. Note the glass eye passed between them. You need to get this. Lure the witch chasing you around the cauldron, to the point where you can go up to the two witches still standing and GET EYE from them. The chasing witch will return to her spot, and all three will kneel before you, pleading you to give them their eye back. Instead, leave the cave then return. Back inside the cave, they throw you a scarab and once again plead you to give them the eye back. GET SCARAB. You can GIVE EYE back to the witches if you want (for maximum points). They will ask you to come to them for a gift. Don't do it. Leave the cave.


The witches will not appear in the cave until you have delivered the hen to Lolotte.

Go south (x2) to the haunted house and OPEN DOOR. Everything is where it was left last time, except that the ghosts of its previous occupants like to roam this house at night. In fact, you already hear the baby crying somewhere upstairs. So, go upstairs and through the door on the left to enter the bedroom, then go left to the baby's room. The cradle rocks back and forth containing an invisible baby. It is time to cheer it up. Leave the house and go to the west graveyard. Zombies will rise from their graves and bug you, but since we have the scarab, they will leave you alone. Search the graveyard for Hiram Bennet. Use the shovel to DIG up a battle rattle. Now, return to the baby's room and DROP RATTLE in the cradle.


You have a limited number of times you can dig. Digging in an unnecessary spot will not only cause the shovel to break, but will make the game unwinnable as well.

You now hear the sound of rattling chains downstairs. Investigate and you will see a miser wandering about the rooms. Leave the house and go back to the west graveyard. Search the graves until you find Newberry Will. DIG to find a bag of gold coins. Enter the haunted mansion and find the miser. When you do, GIVE COINS to him and he disappears. Now you hear weeping upstairs. Go upstairs and through the right doorway to see a beautiful ghost weeping in a rocking chair. Leave the house again and go to the east graveyard where you search for the grave of Betty Cowden. DIG to retrieve a locket. Go back to the weeping ghost and to her.

Next, you hear a loud wailing sound coming from downstairs. Investigate. It's the Lord of the Manor. His name is Lord Coningsby, whose grave is in the west graveyard (the first of the two graves in front of the large coffin). DIG to find a Medal of Honor. Return to the house and GIVE MEDAL to him. After he disappears, a little boy appears at the top of the stairs. Follow him through the right doorway and CLIMB LADDER to the attic, where he is sitting on top of the chest, which you need to access. If only he has a toy to play with. CLIMB LADDER back down.

Go to the east graveyard and find Willy's grave. DIG to uncover a toy horse. Now, GIVE HORSE to the little boy ghost and he disappears. OPEN CHEST and LOOK IN CHEST. Rosella will find some sheet music, which she takes automatically. With this in your possession, go into the secret room and climb up the stairs to the top of the tower. There is a pipe organ here, good enough to play that sheet music on. Go behind the seat and SIT DOWN, then PLAY SHEET MUSIC. After Rosella plays the number, a drawer opens. LOOK IN DRAWER to get a skeleton key, which is used to open the crypt.

Go back downstairs and leave the house. Return to the east graveyard and UNLOCK DOOR to the crypt. OPEN DOOR and enter. Look around. The walls are covered with hieroglyphics. There's Pandora's Box on the other side of the room, and a sarcophagus in the middle. GET ROPE at the edge of the platform and a rope ladder appears. CLIMB DOWN the rope ladder that appears. As soon as you do so, a mummy comes out of the sarcophagus and approaches you. Again, since we carry the scarab, it goes back where it came from. Approach Pandora's Box and GET BOX.


Do not think about opening the box. Doing this means instant death for you.

CLIMB UP the rope ladder and leave the crypt. Now return to the mountain path leading to Lolotte's castle and wait for her goons to carry you up. Lolotte says that you earned your reward. Edgar, the goon standing on her right, wishes to marry Rosella the next morning, and you are escorted up to his bedroom, your possessions taken from you. If you don't want to become Mrs. Edgar, we have to act fast. Once you are locked up in Edgar's room just wait. Eventually, Edgar will come by, slip something under the door, and leave. LOOK GROUND to see that it is a beautiful red rose. GET ROSE and LOOK ROSE to discover a key attached to it. Use key to UNLOCK DOOR. OPEN DOOR and walk down the winding staircase to the bottom.


There are sleeping henchmen posted throughout the castle. If you make contact with any of them, you will be sent back to your room and dawn will break, meaning that the wedding will take place immediately and you'll lose the game. The henchmen will no longer pose a problem if you kill Lolotte.

Go through the east doorway to arrive in the dining room. There are two doorways, and a raven sits on his roost between them. Go through the upper doorway and you will arrive in the kitchen. There are two cabinets on the back wall. OPEN CABINET on the right. You have found all your possessions. GET ALL and leave. Now go through the lower doorway, across the throne room, and enter the doorway on the right. Climb up the stairs to get to the top of the east tower. Halfway up, you'll see an open doorway on your left. Do not go through it yet.

At the top is Lolotte's room. The evil witch is sleeping like a baby. Genesta's talisman hangs around her neck. The door to her room is locked. UNLOCK DOOR WITH GOLD KEY and enter. We need to deal with Lolotte before we have to get the talisman, so SHOOT ARROW AT LOLOTTE. Too much love entered her body and the love acted as a poison, and Lolotte slumps in her bed. After she dies, dawn breaks and Edgar tells you you may roam the castle at your leisure. GET TALISMAN and go back down the stairs.

Stop halfway and go through the doorway. Lolotte's goons bow to Rosella as she enters. OPEN DOOR nearby and enter the storeroom. You have found the hen on the left, and right next to it is Pandora's Box. GET HEN and GET PANDORA BOX. There is nothing else of interest here. So continue down the stairs to the bottom and go west. Now, from the throne room, go south.

Enter the stable. The unicorn is in the right booth. It wants to get out. OPEN GATE and the unicorn will leave the stable, head down the mountain, and make its way to the meadows where it came from. Head down the mountain yourself. It is time to return Pandora's Box, since we are not safe carrying it around. Return to the crypt and CLIMB LADDER. Go to the other side of the room and DROP BOX. Now, leave the crypt, CLOSE DOOR, and LOCK DOOR.

Go to the fisherman's house and walk toward the end of the pier. Drop down into the water and swim to Genesta's Island. Find the castle, OPEN DOOR, and enter. There are fairies everywhere. Climb the stairs to the bedroom and GIVE TALISMAN to Genesta, who wakes up, thanks you, and after a little bit of conversation where you are introduced to the real Edgar, transports you back to Daventry. There, you give the magic fruit to Graham and the entire family decides that he should not resign yet.

Congratulations! You have completed King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella.

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