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Maniac Mansion Screenshots (Apple II)

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen and main menu
The mansion!
The start of the game
Entering the mansion
A cut scene
Razor in the kitchen with Edna
Exploring the library
Uh oh, it's Green Tentacle!
There's plenty of stuff in this room. But is any of it useful?
An ad on TV.
Upstairs hallway.
Art room.
Video game room.
The mansion's foyer.
Caught by Nurse Edna and thrown in the dungeon!
Dining room.
Checking what supplies are on this storage shelf.
Old fashioned radio.
A real skeleton! Scary!
Upstairs hall.
Reading a poster...
Green Tentacle tells his sad life's story...
Cutscene with Weird Ed and Nurse Edna.
Man eating plant.
Caught by Weird Ed.