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Minotaur Screenshots (Apple II)

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Instructions when starting up
Starting out
Clubs can be used to go through walls
While wings allow you to fly
Elixir turns you into a ghost
Shooting at a spider
Encounter with a cyclops
Stairway to a higher floor
A snake
A white dragon
Another dragon
Theseus lies down after taking damage
Shooting at a centaur
The minotaur is close
Meeting a virgin who gives life when touched
The blue monster is a momus
Using wings to fly and the view gets zoomed out
A fury (left) and a minotaur scout (right)
This is also a fury, but a larger one
Using elixir to turn into a ghost
Coming across a charon
Two scorpions
Finally finding the minotaur
Entering a new maze after defeating the minotaur
Getting killed