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The Oregon Trail Screenshots (Apple II)

User Screenshots

Apple II version

For many gamers, this was the first time they could give characters names... not good names... but names...
Title Screen.
Main menu.
The Oregon Top Ten.
Learning about the trail.
Choose your background.
Info on the backgrounds.
Naming my party.
Choose when to depart.
Welcome to the general store.
Choose supplies to buy.
Buying oxen.
Buying food.
Buying clothes.
Buying ammo.
Buying spare parts.
Loading the wagon.
Options on the trail.
Talking to a traveler.
Checking my supplies.
Came to a river.
Kansas River crossing.
River info.
Attempting to cross the river.
I've been robbed!
Hunting instructions.
Out hunting.
Fort Kearney.
Buying supplies at a fort.
Chimney Rock.
Fore Laramie.
Wagon axle broke.
Independence Rock.
Map of my progress.
Arrived at the South Pass.
South Pass.
A divide in the trail. Choose which way to go.
GAME OVER - We all died!