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Dragon (Feb, 1988)
Phantasie III is an extremely addicting fantasy role-playing adventure, despite its graphic-display drawback.
Tilt (Jul, 1987)
Cette troisième version de Phantasie est un excellent jeu de rôle.
Overall, in spite of the additions, Phantasie III is pretty much from the same mold as its predecessors. The game mechanics are basically unchanged and those who have played the previous games will know what to expect. There are no special items to pick up (rings, runes, amulets, etc), but the ever-present scrolls wait to be found, most with only background information, a few that are truly important. Thus, the game follows the well-trodden path of fighting monsters to gain experience, exploring dungeons to pick up information and goodies, and working out simple puzzles, all culminating in a final, knock-down, drag-out battle with the evil wizard. For all that, Phantasie III closes out the trilogy in good style, with a grand ending (for the victorious), and a welldeserved rest for your weary and battle-scarred band (especially if they've been at it since Gelnor; they're probably getting on in years by now).