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Prince of Persia Screenshots (Apple II)

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Intro (1)
Intro (2)
Intro (3)
Game start
Find a sword.
Door to the next level
Level 2 - Start of level.
Level 2 - Sword fighting with a guard.
Level 2 - Drinking an elixar to restore health.
Level 2 - Climbing up a ledge.
Level 2 - Got killed by a guard.
Level 3 - Start of level.
Level 3 - Climbing up!
Level 3 - Avoid the trap!
Cutscene - The princess watches the hour glass slowly run out...
Level 4 - Into the palace.
Level 4 - Running
Level 4 - The guards are tougher to beat in the higher levels.