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Shadowforge Screenshots (Apple II)

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Some introductory text
Starting location
An initial shopping spree to get myself equipped
Vice rears its ugly head in the 'hidden' casino
Heading out to the dungeons (slightly better equipped)
Reave THIS!
Stomping on some pests.
A mystery beyond the moat?
Spooks haunt the crypt
Command menu
Turning in for some R&R, after a good leveling up
Now, I wonder what that could mean...
...oh. Should've expected this.
The barkeep has some helpful tips up his sleeve.
Trading snipes with this bastard is risky business
Greymere sure has a thing for moats.
Butchery among the bookshelves
This guy takes "underground resistance" literally.
These wordy signs also serve as tactical fortifications
The author's next game is advertised, too