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Station 5 is a space-themed arcade game for the Apple II.

Five nuclear power stations have been built on the moon to supply near limitless energy to the Earth below. The first four power stations built during Project Moon Base have been destroyed during an asteroid storm, and only one station remains. You play as the repair droid at the last remaining nuclear power plant on the moon. You must keep the base repaired and beam energy to Earth, while a new storm approaches. The player starts with 3 lives, when all are lost, it's game over.

Contains a series of 4 arcade mini-games. In the first section, the player must generate energy by opening and closing cooling ducts on the power plant. The player moves about an 8 x 4 grid, and can open and close cooling ducts by jumping on them. Meteors stream from above, and if they hit the player they lose a life. Meteors will also close a duct if they hit. The player has a small heat gauge, which increases as more ducts are closed, but the closer to maximum heat, the faster electricity is produced. Meteors can also destroy a duct, leaving it permanently closed, giving the player less room to work to maintain ideal electricity generation. The goal is to keep exactly the number of ducts closed to maximize electricity production, without going over, which will cause the generator to melt down. If the player has not accumulated enough energy at melt down, it's game over.

In the second stage, the player moves to the Transmission Site, where the player must construct transmission towers to send power to the satellite beaming site. In this section, the player once again moves on a 8 x 4 grid, and must collect transmission tower pieces. While doing this, they must avoid neutralization towers and dangerous energy discharges. The more towers that are constructed, the faster the electricity accumulated in the previous section is transported.

The next step is the Transporter Room, where the goal is to push down all 32 buttons on the 8 x 4 grid. To complicate this, enemy Togglers and Plasma Balls threaten to destroy the player, and can also flip switches back to their off position. When all 32 buttons are pressed, the player is beamed into space to the Orbiting Relay Station.

Here, the player must maintain 3 large satellite arrays, which are beaming energy to the Earth. They will be intermittently destroyed by rogue meteorites, and the player must collect repair pieces dropped off by supply shuttles to keep the power flowing. The player must avoid space junk, meteorites, and power transmissions. The player has a limited fuel supply, and must resupply, or he won't be able to navigate, and drift off into space. Once all the energy is transported to Earth, the player is victorious, and can advance to a more difficult challenge level.


Station 5 Apple II 18 Mega Units of Energy Produced
Station 5 Apple II Transmission Complete
Station 5 Apple II Starting to Beam Energy
Station 5 Apple II Title Screen

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