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Techtite (2000)
This text adventure (one of Techtite's choices for Top 50 Multimedia Classics) involved your character waking up from cryogenic sleep, after being buried deep within an alien world. A major earthquake has disrupted the systems of the underground habitat you're a part of, and these must be repaired to save the lives of the inhabitants on the surface. This must be accomplished via six robots, each of which perceives the world around them completely differently (imagine monkeys, each of which can see no evil, hear no evil, or speak no evil, and you can see a small piece of the bigger puzzle here). Saving the surface inhabitants, however, is only half the problems solved. This game even had an option to change the story, if you wished. Such game concepts made this game praised by many, including TIME and Rolling Stone. To top it all off, the original box for this game was a full sized, 3D plastic face, depicting the cryogenic capsule's mask.