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Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? Screenshots (Apple II)

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Introduction: chasing the suspect...
Introduction: can you crack the case?
Title screen
Here's your assignment
I'm beginning this game in Lima
Hmm, wrong turn; where to next?
A V.I.L.E. henchman! I'm on the right track...
Occasionally you need to sleep
Investigating London
Use the crime computer to keep track of clues and identify suspects
Flying to Bangkok
Bangkok introduction; select an action from the menu in the lower right
Visiting China
Each location provides several possibilities to investigate
Used the crime computer to get a warrant.
Watch your step! They want to rub you out!
Made an arrest!
Len Bulk is now in jail!
This intro picture has been cleaned up and looks a lot better than in the original release of the game. (3.5 floppy / 128K release)
They updated the log in typewriter for this version as well. (3.5 floppy / 128K release)
In this enhanced version - there's now a world map! (3.5 floppy / 128K release)
There's now a picture for the crime computer in this version. (3.5 floppy / 128K release)
Someone tried to knock me off! (3.5 floppy / 128K release)
Made an arrest! (3.5 floppy / 128K release)
Fast Eddie B. is now enjoying a stay in the slammer. (3.5 floppy / 128K release)