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The sequel to Dungeon Campaign takes graphical role-playing games on a very early foray to the great outdoors, with extra enhancements and added game mechanics inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset. Wilderness Campaign is another turn-based affair set in a fantasy world, this time starring a party of adventurers on a mission to save the once-prosperous realm of Draconia from the unpleasant Necromancer, who's running things from his magically-protected keep.

The party starts out with ten members - still not controllable individually, but more stats now apply to the party as a whole: experience, charisma, dexterity, speed and strength, which play a role in determining factors and events; weapon and armor classes, calculated by summing up the party's arsenal; and a more detailed inventory system, where the total weight of your items is measured against the party's carrying capacity.

A variety of environments make up Draconia: plains, swamps, mountains, deserts, jungles and badlands. Each zone has its own set of monster populations, random dangers (like sandstorms and landslides) which require saving throws, and obstacles (bogs, chasms, thickets and more) that set you back if you're not carrying specialized equipment. On each new game, the land is randomly populated with temples, ruins and castles, where most of the action (and loot) will be found. Besides these, you'll find friendly villages - here you can change money, hire bearers and fighters to swell up your ranks, or haggle with the local merchants for food, weaponry, armor and various other items. For instance, you can buy a mule if you need to haul lots of weight around, or certain magical items, each with its own specialized function.

When encountering monsters - in the realm's various abandoned locations, or outdoors at random - battle will ensue, unless you chicken out and try to run (which won't always work). Monsters come in four kinds: normal, giant, flying and undead, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Battle consists of a series of attack and defense rolls for both sides, also influenced by luck, bonuses and defensive/offensive spells; on each turn you may also choose to flee, or to improve positions and boost up your bonus.

The ultimate goal is to destroy the Necromancer and his standing army. This will require a sizable and well-equipped fighting force, as well as a powerful magical item (which can only be acquired from the elusive White Mage). If you choose to exit, you may save your progress and resume the game on a later run.


Wilderness Campaign Apple II My party starts out rather poorly equipped
Wilderness Campaign Apple II Let's hope I haven't forgotten my machete in my other pair of pants.
Wilderness Campaign Apple II The lay of the land
Wilderness Campaign Apple II A none-too-friendly bunch of gargoyles accosts us.

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