Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom Credits


Computer Programming David W. Bradley
Scenario Design David W. Bradley, Andrew Greenberg
Additional Technical Programming John Hood
Computer Illustrations Ted Boonthanakit, Brian Makepeace
DocumentationBrenda Romero (Brenda Garno)
Opening Tavern ChronicleAndrew Greenberg, Sheila Greenberg
Manual Illustrations William Briggs, Will McLean
Character Manual Illustrations Ted Boonthanakit


For their determination to see this through Robert Sirotek, Norman Sirotek
For all those bleary-eyed, sleepless nights Brenda Romero (Brenda Garno)
for invaluable assistanceJohn Hood
They made me do it Rick Hall, Derek Hardison, Peter Schelhorn, Rick Moser
For their friendship Jane Blackstone, Karen Goodman
For all their wild ideas and lots of yuks The gang at the Evoteck Theater in Atlanta
For their devotion to adventure gaming Washington Apple Pi Game SIG
For insisting that games are better than spread-sheets Tidewater Apple Worms, Stan Baranowski
For inventing the "Sorn" Barbara Lanza, Walter Freitag, The Society for Interactive Literature
The Wizardry V PlaytestersJay Banks, Frank Evangelista, David Frankel, Bill Griffiths, Rick Hall, Jeff Londynsky, Paul Murphy, Peter Spear, Jay Bernhardt, Mark Evangelista, Brenda Romero (Brenda Garno), Ray Hakim, Lisa Harradine, Mike O'Marah, Bob Reams, Thomas Wiener, Lewis Bernhardt, Rick Dutton, David Granite, Charles Don Hall, Reid Hutchinson, Helen Murphy, Linda Currie (Linda Sirotek), Jeffrey Yette
Heart of Maelstrom is dedicated toAll true adventurers everywhere, who dare to challenge the dark, unknown dimensions in the continuing spirit of human evolution and plain 'ole fun...

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trypticon (11031)