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atari saboteur


This game is quite flexible in terms of character creation, particularly in the area of character classes. In essence, you can multi-class your characters as much as you'd like (keeping in mind that this will cause slower development). It would be possible for you to design a character as a Warrior-Priest-Ranger-Wizard-Thief... if you had the patience for it!

Contributed by Mirrorshades2k (282) on Mar 19, 2001. -- edit trivia

This game has a neat feature that allows you to reset any of the dungeon levels. In essence, you can keep one set of characters playing in the game forever, if you're that patient.

Contributed by Mirrorshades2k (282) on Jul 12, 2000. -- edit trivia

This is known to be the game that had the tactical combat engine that was later tweaked into Pool of Radiance.

Contributed by Yakumo (472) on Mar 09, 2000. -- edit trivia

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