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Zork: The Great Underground Empire Credits


The original Zork was created byTimothy Anderson, Marc Blank, Bruce Daniels, Dave Lebling
The original Zork was inspired by the ADVENTURE game ofWill Crowther, Don Woods
This version was created byMarc Blank, Dave Lebling, Joel Berez, Scott Cutler

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Marc Blank, 27 other games
Will Crowther, 23 other games
Dave Lebling, 22 other games
Don Woods, 21 other games
Timothy Anderson, 6 other games
Scott Cutler, 3 other games
Bruce Daniels, 3 other games


People who have worked on this game have also collaborated on the creation of the following games:

Dungeon, a group of 6 people
Zork Zero: The Revenge of Megaboz, a group of 3 people
Zork N plus 9, a group of 3 people
Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur, a group of 3 people

Credits for this game were contributed by mo  (1462) and Pseudo_Intellectual (61060)