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King's Quest
Walkthrough by *Katakis* ([email protected])

In this game, Sir Graham, the young knight who serves under the rule of King Edward the Benevolent, is asked to recover three treasures that were stolen by stealth and deception. These treasures include: a magic mirror, shield, and chest. Edward promises to hand the reins over to Graham if he is able to recover all these treasures.

Note: There are two versions of the game: The AGI version (the one covered in this walkthrough), and the enhanced SCI remake. Although the latter shares some similarities, the locations of items and places are different. For this reason, the SCI version has its own separate walkthrough.

You start east of the castle. Cross the bridge and go west. (The alligators serve as a warning not to fall into the moat.) Go up to the castle doors and OPEN DOOR. Inside, walk north and then west to reach the throne room. Look around. King Edward is sitting on his throne. Go up to him and BOW KING then TALK KING and you will be told to recover the treasures. Leave the castle. (You won't be allowed back without the treasures.)

Outside, go west and have Graham move to the north of the large rock and MOVE ROCK. LOOK ROCK and TAKE DAGGER from inside. Now, go west to arrive at a mountain lake. Go around to the other side of the lake and keep going west to arrive at a stump. Go up to the stump and LOOK IN STUMP to see a pouch inside. TAKE POUCH and OPEN POUCH to find some diamonds inside.

Go west then south to the old, stone bridge. Cross the bridge and go south. Cross the second bridge and you will be stopped by the troll. (You can try to GIVE POUCH but you will lose some points.) Retreat east and go south. Go east again to the gingerbread house. Go up to the door of the house and KNOCK DOOR. (If the witch answers, keep leaving the screen and trying again until there is no answer.) Look around. There is a fire to your left, a cupboard and a cage to the north, and the bedroom to the east. Go up to the table besides the best and GET NOTE. READ NOTE. Sometimes it is wise to think backwards. Leave the bedroom and OPEN CUPBOARD. GET CHEESE and CLOSE CUPBOARD. Now get back into the bedroom and wait until the witch returns from her holiday.

As soon as she enters the house and goes to the fireplace, go up to the witch and PUSH WITCH. After the witch falls into the fire, go outside. EAT HOUSE. Next, go south then west to the cave. From here, go south (x2), east, and north to the well. Go to the north side of the well and CUT ROPE to take the bucket. Go to where the crank is and LOWER ROPE. Go to the north side again and CLIMB ROPE. Climb down the rope until you fall into the water. FILL BUCKET with water and DIVE. Have Graham swim through the hole on the left. There is a dragon blocking one of the treasures you need to get.

Note: There are two ways you can kill the dragon, with one way being non-violent. The first way is to get as close to the dragon as you can, and THROW WATER on the dragon and it will leave the cave. You can also THROW DAGGER at it, if you are willing to sacrifice a few points.

GET MIRROR the dragon was blocking, and go through the hole it created. Leave the cave by going west. That's one treasure out of the way. You need to get two more. Go east (x2) to the lake, then south and east to the big tree. Go over to the trunk and CLIMB TREE. Walk over to the nest. (Be careful not to fall off.) LOOK NEST and TAKE EGG. Go across the branches to climb down. Go east to the vegetable garden behind the castle, and TAKE CARROT. Go east (x4) and OPEN GATE to the goat pen. (If the goat did not appear on the screen, leave first then come back.) Get close to the goat and SHOW CARROT. The goat will follow you.

Go west (x3) and south (x2). Cross the bridge and the troll will stop you. Fortunately since you have the goat, it will ram the troll off the bridge into the stream below. Go south to arrive at the gnome. Get up real close to him (he's deaf) and TALK GNOME. He has something important to give you, but you need to correctly guess his name.

Note: His name is “Rumpelstiltskin”, but this is an incorrect guess. You have to use a backwards alphabet, so write down on a piece of paper the entire alphabet, and then write it in reverse on the next line. If decoded correctly, the answer should be IFNKOVHGROGHPRM. Sierra received quite a number of complaints about this puzzle, and they decided to rectify it in their SCI release.

Once you guess his name correctly, you will be given some magic beans. (If not, then you should be given a key instead, which you can use n the door at the base of the mountain.) GET BEANS. Go south and cross the bridge. Go south again to reach a clover patch. There is a four-leaf clover standing in the middle. You'll want this clover. Go ahead and TAKE CLOVER. Now go east until you reach the entrance to the cave. Go north and east (x3) to the walnut tree. Go over and TAKE WALNUT. CRACK WALNUT to discover that the nut is made of gold. Go east one more screen. There is a huge bowl here near the rock. TAKE BOWL then LOOK BOWL to discover the words “Fill” written on the inside. Go east (x2) and south (x2).

This screen is where the fairy godmother appears. Wait until she sprinkles you with dust. (If she doesn't appear at all, then keep leaving and then coming back.) It is an invincibility spell that protects you from the wolf, dwarf, ogre, and enchanter.

From here, go south (x2) and east (x3). This is the home of the woodcutter and his wife. Enter the house. The two people are sitting on either side of the table. TALK MAN and TALK WOMAN. You will learn that they are poor, and that they do not have any food. We'll soon fix that. GIVE BOWL then FILL BOWL and they will offer you their fiddle in return. Go over to the fiddle and TAKE FIDDLE. Be careful not to fall down either of the two holes on the floor.

Leave the house and go west. Go south until you reach the cave entrance. A condor should appear. Wait until he comes down toward you, and then JUMP to grab out of the condor (If the condor doesn't appear after some time, keep leaving and re-entering). You will be carried off to the place surrounded by berry trees, with a huge hole in the middle. Go west. There is Castle Daventry in the distance and a stream to the left of the mushroom. Go over and TAKE MUSHROOM. Return east and fall down the hole.

Inside, follow the cave to a door on the west wall. A big, giant rat is blocking it. Get as close as you can and GIVE CHEESE to him. The rat will go back into its hole and allow you to pass. OPEN DOOR to enter the leprechaun cave. If you do not have the four-leaf clover yet from here on out, the game ends. PLAY FIDDLE and go south to the throne room. There are many leprechauns in here, and the king is on his throne. After everybody leaves, get the shield lying on the ground. One more treasure to go. Get the sceptre as well and then go up the stairs to the west.

The only way out is through that hole, but it is too small for Graham to fit through. Go over to the hole and EAT MUSHROOM. Graham will shrink down to its size, allowing him to go through the hole. Doesn't he look cute? Look at the cute little Graham. Hurry up and go through the hole before you are restored to your original size. Outside, go east (x2) to the beach. Go over and GET PEBBLES on the ground.

Go south (x2) to get to a screen where a small elf will appear. (If he does not, then leave and come back). Go over to the elf and TALK ELF. He will give you an invincibility ring that may only be used once. Go west (x4) and north (x2) to the flower patch. Go into the dirt and PLANT BEANS. A beanstalk will immediately sprout out from the ground. CLIMB BEANSTALK. Graham will grab onto the beanstalk, and you can use the up or down arrows to move him. From where the beanstalk starts, you have to climb it for at least two screens. Take it slowly and save the game regularly, in case you fall down. The beanstalk finally leads to the land of the clouds.

Note: If you have the key instead, go north (x4) and east (x3) to the door at the base of the mountain. UNLOCK DOOR with the key and climb the two flights of stairs. At the top, go west to meet the giant.

At the top, go east (x3). A giant lives on this screen. Go south and east. Go over to the hole in the tree. LOOK HOLE and TAKE SLING from inside it. Now go west and north to meet the giant again.

Note: Like the dragon earlier, there are two ways to deal with the giant. One is to USE SLING on the giant to knock him out, or by making him wait it out by either running around the tree in the middle or typing WEAR RING. If you decide the first method, you won't get as much points. When he is knocked out, go over and TAKE CHEST. You have gotten all the treasures. Now all we have to do is make our way toward the castle. Go east (x2) through the cave entrance, and climb down three screens worth of stairs. Outside, go east and south (x2). Go east across the bridge. Go up to the castle doors and OPEN DOOR. Enter the throne room and wait until Edward hands the reins to Graham, and suddenly collapses on the floors.

Congratulations! You have completed King's Quest. The story continues in Roberta Williams' next chapter.

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